How to get maple flavor into a Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rio_grande, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. rio_grande

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    I am smoking a Boston Butt tomorrow and have it marinating. The faimly we are cooking it for loves maple flavored bacon and anything else that they can get. I was wondering how I could get a light maple flavoiring into the meat,, Or even a sauce to apply after it is finished.

    Any Ideas would be appriciated.

  2. azkitch

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    First, knock off a bank. Then, buy some Maple Syrup. You may not have to knock off a bank if the grocery store has a finance writer...
    OK, now that I've wised off about how expensive MS is, I would guess that adding the syrup to the marinade--or marinating in only syrup--would likely work. I might even go as far as injecting. Take 'er easy, though, cuz I bet you could get into "overwhelmed" pretty fast.
    Anybody try it yet? And does smoking w/maple wood make it taste like maple surple??
    My cousin went to college in VT in the late 60's, and that ruined me for other syrups.
  3. white cloud

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    To avoid all the added sugar of the maple flavored syrup, which will burn. There is a maple flavored extract. I have never used it for anything besides baking, BUTT, if mixed with a bit of brandy, spiced rum or bourbon, and a small amount of brown sugar and a bit of salt, injected and maple flavored strips of bacon layed upon the butt should give a maple kick. You could even add melted real butter or bacon grease to the mix.
  4. rc1800

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    Anyone with anymore thoughts on this???
  5. eman

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    not knowing what size butt i'll have to give you a general idea for an injection.
    1 part maple syrup
    1/2 part bourbon / dark rum
    1/2 part brown sugar
    2 parts apple juice
    If you can't / don't do alcohol add 1/2 part apple juice.
    Heat to simmer on stove to dissolve sugar and blend flavors.
    let cool and inject at 1 to 1.5 oz per lb.
    You can also use this as spray or mop

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