How to fillet a fish

Discussion in 'Fish' started by richoso1, May 25, 2010.

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    I thought this may be helpful for some folks who need to see someone fillet a fish. I also made it available as a Wiki.

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    Good video, thanks for sharing. However I highly recommend a fillet knife - and not something that large - unless you have VERY good skills with one. Furthermore some fish have ribs protruding the fillet and some people prefer just to smoke/steam/cook the fish then remove ribs/bones. 

    A good fillet knife may be even sharper, and is more "agile" or "pliable" for following/contouring the bones/ribs. 

    I'm by NO means any sort of expert on this, but for the fish I catch (Seat Trout, Redfish, etc.) a fillet knife is a must. 
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    Just different techniques.  The Japanese use a Deba which is a thick stiff single beveled knife as shown in this video.  They use a Deba on large or small fish.  I first learned with a thin flexible knife but now use more Japanese techniques.


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