How Much Fuel Needed to Reach High Temps

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  1. Being a newbie, my challenge is getting a fire up to the desired temperature. It's easy to get to 220-230, but I'm struggling with reaching higher temps for chicken. My problem is knowing how much fuel to use to start. Should I use one or two chimney's to start. Is there a rule of thumb as to how much material I should use to get things going based on the desired temperatures? It takes me a long time (an hour) to get to 270. Should I gradually add more chimneys until the desired temp is reached

    Mods I have done:

    1. Used 3/8 x 3" bolts to set my fire grate 4" above FB floor

    2. Installed gasket around chamber, FB

    3. extended exhaust vent near to cooking grate

    3. Purchased charcoal box and convection plate (temp variation is 10-20 degrees in chamber) from new horizon

    4. Use a Stoker with 10cfm fan (excellent at maintaining temps)

    I'm struggling with my fire, but I'm creating the best BBQ I've ever done. Most uniformed people equate grilling with BBQing and family members are mystified that the new method I'm using is taking so long. They are ameba's. That used to be me :))

    This is a great forum.

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    Are you cooking with lump charcoal or briquettes? If you are using briquettes I recommend switching to lump, it burns hotter. Two lit chimneys of lump should get well above 250°.

    If you are using lump already try put in one chimney of unlit in the firebox and then adding two chimneys of fully lit lump on top of it. Leave the firebox door open until all the charcoal in the firebox is burning, then close the firebox door. This should give you the temps that you want. If not you might need to undo a mod or two.
  3. Thanks, Cliff! I will give it a go.
  4. You can also go to the search and type in............... The Minion Method Explained w/ Tutorial

    and you will have a lot of great information to go thru !
  5. fwismoker

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    Second the minion method also

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