How much charcoal???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigterp, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. bigterp

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    I know this is a pretty loaded question with many variables, but I'll be doing my first smoke ever this weekend and trying to get an idea of about how many briquettes I should get started in the chimney. If I'm going for 225 - 250 degrees how many briquettes should I start out with? 15? 20? I have a Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 with side firebox FWIW. I'll be seasoning my grill/smoker tonight so I can adjust from there what I use when I actually put some meat on this weekend. Thanks!!!
  2. fwismoker

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    Someone can give you a more accurate answer specific to your smoker but really it doesn't matter as long as you start small.

    You could start with a starter cube if you wanted and when your fire get's close to your target temp just dial it back.   I like to start dialing back about 25 degrees before my target so it's easy to dial in w/out over shooting. 

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