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  1. I've been reading a lot of threads on here about building a smokehouse, My main concern is preventing it from starting on fire. I see some that have have issues with this. What is the consensus on fire retardent materials for the inside of the house? I see a lot of people using Durock, but will I need a gap between the Durock and the wood?

    I plan on making it ~3'x3' and 4'-5' tall. My goal is to be able to cold smoke and then finish the meat in the same smoker.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Look at the bottom of my post here, on my sig line is Smokehouse.  That's a link to my build.

    I did wonder about fire retardancy, but heat rises, doesn't go sideways.  The walls of my smokehouse don't get uncomfortably hot at all and the majority of the heat goes out the top vent; and I keep it at 235° - 250° all the time for hot smoking.  Cold smoking I just use AMNPS, which has only a smoldering heat and burning pellets.  I did put flat 12"x12" blocks under the burner and stood 3 up to protect against flying sparks but have had no issues at all.   If I do another one, I will put blocks on the entire floor next time.  Sparks fly and land on the floor, not on the walls.
  3. I had seen your post before, it looks real nice. So the only thing you have done as a fire retardant was to put bricks on the floor and on each wall beside the burner. Anything on the ceiling where it might get real hot?

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