hot and fast brisket?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jerseydrew, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. jerseydrew

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    so how hot and how fast is it? i watch BBQ PM and everyone has different theories. i want to try it once and see if it affects flavor and tenderness. i have an 11.5 lb brisket and was hoping to get it cooked in one day for dinner. 
  2. I have been experimenting with hot and fast on briskets and butts, so far the results have been very good. I too got the idea from Barbecue Pitmasters, Myron Mixon in particular seems to be a devotee of hot and fast. At minimum it's a technique to have in your arsenal when time is short.

    Here's a recent post I did about a hot and fast brisket cook. Lately I've been starting at 225 and letting the temp rise fairly quickly so that after 2 hrs I'm at 300. The idea here is to get a little more smoke on the meat.
  3. suie

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    I've been thinking about trying hot and fast on Briskets too, thanks to Myron Mixon. On a recent show I think he said he does them at 300-325 and can get a full packer done in 10 hours. It sure would be nice to not have to do them overnight!
  4. ive done hot and fast with no problems.
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  5. kathrynn

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    My hot and fast temps range from 250-275*....and actually the butts and the briskets have been moist and delish....same as if I did them at 225*

  6. i thought 250-275 was the national standard nowadays? lol. whos still running 225? idk bout yall but i like to eat the same day preferrably. haha. hot and fast is 300+..
  7. kathrynn

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    TB....I totally agree....I try and get some just crank that bad boy up!  I have done 300* and it's just too high for me on the Smoke Vault.

  8. i hear ya..was just ribbin' dad taught me how to smoke and grill at a young age, and he always swore by 220-225 for smoke..i laugh at him all the time cuz he wonders how i do it at 260*....i just tell him "new skool skool" haha.
  9. fwismoker

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  10. dewetha

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    i think there is some correlation between temps, quality of meat and prep. 

    i think some questions determine how i prepare my food and at what temp. hot much fat is in the meat?what is the quality of the meat? am i injecting?  using a foil pan? and probably a few more.

    Myron goes hot fast at 350 for brisket in his book. but he injects, uses a pan and buys the highest grade meat, usually wyngu (sp). I do my briskets at a lower temp basically anywhere my smoker settle in at in the 225-275 range. consistent temps is more important than what temp, within reason of course. no injections and so far they have all turned out good. i may try his way one day for fun. becuse i can;t leave well enough alone :( it's a sickness i think.

    i buy from the same butcher and the meat is always the same quality. i think that helps more than anything. good meat means, I don't have to try and make a good brisket. i just have to not screw it up. big difference. i just let it cook and pull it when it's ready. a lesser tasting meat will require injections, more time resting, more care when cooking etc. at least for me. i'm picky about putting out a good plate of food. often disappointed even when my guests are fighting for seconds.

    now for pork butt, i follow myron steps and it fantastic and done at about 1lb per hour. never hit a stall. good meat, injected, in a pan, run at 275.

    . I have a new smoker so maybe i will try hot and fast :) you never know until you try. of coarse the bad part is it takes 8-12 hours to find out if you did it rght or not. lol
  11. suie

    suie Meat Mopper

    That's a really good point. Wagyu has so much marbling that it probably stands up better to high heat. 

    And I'm with you on not leaving well enough alone...I don't think I've ever cooked a brisket the same way twice!
  12. jerseydrew

    jerseydrew Smoking Fanatic

    [​IMG]  ME! i do most cooking at 225.. but like you said i would like to eat the food the same day. i have now tried a couple of butts and a a few BB ribs at 250 and taste no difference so i am basically trying to see how high i can take it without hurting the taste and texture of the food. 
  13. where have you seen him using wagyu and injecting it? at $200 for a 9lb brisket he better not be injecting for the price it better smoke itself and plate itself..haha.
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  14. yeh 225 is wayyyy to low and waaaaaaaayyyyyyy to slow for me. lol. the brisket i did in the pictures in my sig was cooked at 325*...quickest brisket ever. and one of the best...
  15. rdknb

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    I am a 225 to 250 guy also.  The exception for me is chicken. 
  16. mneeley490

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    Same here. Time and temp may have made more of a difference to me when I was using a Char Broil offset and had to babysit it all night. But now I use my electric fridge conversion with a PID controler. Just put the brisket in at night, go to bed, & check on it in the morning. Easy as pie, now. [​IMG]   In fact, I was thinking of trying my next brisket at 200°.
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  17. jerseydrew

    jerseydrew Smoking Fanatic

    ok so 250- 275 isn't "hot and fast"? i do not like to foil. i usually put water in the pan and have at it at 225 till done. but on a packer that is an overnight smoke. i would really like to start 9 am and serve for dinner at 7. 
  18. Anyone see the TV coverage about this:

    Franklin's pit temp was at 275. He said he cooks for 17 hours. The other guy says he cooks for half that time.

    From the bits and pieces of info I have gathered, I estimate Franklin cooks like this. He uses high quality meat, and says he does not pass the costs he should along to the customer. Salt and Pepper rub, cooks at 275 with post oak well seasoned, to whatever temp he wants, then wraps in butcher paper, and possibly allows his fire to die down so they rest in a decent heat, maybe serving temperature, for who knows how long.


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