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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by cdnwildsmoker, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Hello all, new to the forum and smoking in general, this site is just AMAZING!!!!!! My smoking knowledge has grown by 1000%!!!!! Anything and everything can be accomplished on a grill or smoker with just a minimal of time searching this site........Thank you!!

    My next post will be in the roll call to introduce myself and equipment properly but I couldn't wait to share yesterdays smoke!!

    I rolled two big fatty's!!!!

    Started with 2lbs of venison and 1lbs of mild Italian sausage, spiced them up and mixed all together

    The first one was geared towards the kids although they could have done without the mushrooms....lol

    pizza sauce




    turkey breast



    green pep



    Second one

    mixed cream cheese, shredded cheddar and chives for a cheese base



    green pep


    sun dried tomatoes

    Now thanks to this great site and the tip's it holds, rolling them up was simple!!!!

    rolled up and a nice bacon weave to top it off

    These things turned out amazing!!!!!

    The whole family just loved em and we will be rolling some fatty's on a regular bases!!!!

    Thanks SMF's!!!!!!!!
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    Ok not sure if my pictures are not showing up due to the mods having them on hold or did I do something wrong?? I've been a member of several other forums for several years and always use the "IMG Code" link on photobucket, is that how it is done on this site or am I missing something??

    Thanks CWS
  3. c farmer

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    Use the direct link them click on the mountain button and paste the link.
  4. It is easy if you just post them right to your thread instead of linking - the leftmost icon on the tab that has the emoticons is the insert image icon & lets you post the pics  [​IMG]  
  5. cdnwildsmoker

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    Ok got it!!! Fixed up............thanks for the help! Never seen a forum use that format.

    Thanks CWS
  6. Nice looking fatties  [​IMG]
  7. cdnwildsmoker

    cdnwildsmoker Fire Starter

    Thanks!! I was happy with how they turned out on the first attempt!
  8. this is awesome!! can't wait to try this
  9. disco

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    Great looking fatties and welcome to the forums from another Canadian!


  10. seenred

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    Those fatties look delicious!  Nice job!


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