Homemade Pizza Cooker For Weber

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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is my story book.

    Old drum that has been waiting on me for a very long time.( after I cut it)

    Ring cut from barrel.I had to cut the side and overlap the edges and re rivet it to make it fit right.

    Burning the ring at night. I used three cherry splits. I ended up taking the ring out and smothering the fire. Used the charcoal created the next day for seasoning the ring. 

    Here it is the next day during seasoning burn

    Don't let it fool ya' the needle has already wrapped around and coming back for more!

    I will post the pics of the pizza in the appropriate forum, if I can figure out which one that is!
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    I guess I'm having a little trouble figuring out where the pizza is and why the coals are in the middle and basically the purpose of the addition of the ring.

    Can you give us a bit of an explanation of the build?  I think it's a great idea and will try it myself but need more detail.


  3. These are the pics of the first burn out and seasoning. I didn't even have the grate in place at this time. I was going to burn my grate clean, but when it started to glow red in places I figured I better get it off. The band is about 9" tall and the slot is 4" tall and wide enough to get the pizza in and out. The whole purpose of the ring is to allow for using a wood fire to cook pizza the way it used to be done, before 'conventional' ovens. Like I said I was using three rather large splits of cherry wood to burn out the ring last night, then I coated it with lard and burned that on before I started to cook the pizzas today. I left the grate out until I was ready to start the cook so I could stoke my fire good before starting. Basically just before I rolled out the crust I banked up the fire with some pecan wood, put the grate in place, and added my pizza stone. While I was rolling out my crust the fire settled in and the stone came to temp. I also used yellow grits on my paddle and stone to keep the pizza from sticking. 
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    okay...so the bolts I see are to hold the standard weber grate.  You put your pizza on a stone and slide it onto the grate and basically have a backyard pizza oven.

    Sound right?  I'm gonna have to start looking for a barrel....


  5. Pretty much. I had to split the ring and re-fit it so that it would fit inside the bottom of the grill. The lid doesn't fit like I would like for it to , but if you can make clean cuts it will still seal up pretty good.The bolts actually hold the ring up some, and also hold the standard grate. They are long enough to serve both purposes at the same time.Once you place the stone over the fire it will stay there. It needs to remain hot at all times. I posted another thread called "first pizza cook on a grill" in which I detailed the cook itself better than I did here.
  6. Very nice idea. Enjoy cooking your homemade pizza. I like the photos.
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    That looks great - Here is a similar one I made out of stainless a couple of years ago.

    I also had the opportunity to cook on the new Weber Pizza Oven attachment last weekend. When I first saw it I was sceptical however it actually did a very good job. They have carefully directed the hot air flow from the coals under the stone so that it is forced out over the top of the pizza. Within seconds of putting in the pizza in and closing the lid the temperature above reached over 450 degrees. I am going to get one.

    Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the new Weber attachment but for those who have not seen one here are a couple of their stock advertising shots with it sitting on a One-Touch premium.


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