Home Made BBQ Sauce

Discussion in 'Sauces, Rubs & Marinades' started by huntdean, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I made the Memphis #1 sauce that is in Jeff's book. I am going to use it on my first Boston But that I am smoking tomorrow. I noticed on all the sauces that they are only good in the fridge for three to for weeks. Why is this?
  2. daveomak

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    No preservatives....   Good natural food....   Dave
  3. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.
  4. dward51

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    Neither good pulled pork or good sauce should not last anywhere near 3 weeks!!!!  Should be long gone in a matter of days....
  5. rstr hunter

    rstr hunter Smoking Fanatic

    How was it on the pulled pork.  Just tried this sauce tonight and think it would be awesome on pulled pork. 
  6. The sauce was great on pork. I plan on making the #2 sauce next.

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