Holy Boloney!!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by danmcg, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. danmcg

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    Last weekend I thought I'd try a new to me recipe that I saw on Len Poli's site. the recipe is here if anyone is interested.


    The way Mr. Poli describes it is, Tasty beef and pork luncheon meat that the kids will like. And he's dead on with this one. it's just a nice simple bologna thats great fried or sliced on a sammie with a little mustard and cheese. (or anyway you like it.)
    I followed his recipe to the letter except for where he uses paprika, I substitute hot hungarian paprika. (man I'm using that stuff in everything lately), and I left out the liver cause I didn't have any. he suggests using bacon for a substitute for the liver but that didn't seem right to me, so I used neither.

    Ok, here's how I did it.
    I ground 80/20 burger and some pork shoulder through a 3/16 plate then added the slurry of spices, cure and water then mixed till it was a sticky mass. Then I stuck in the freezer for an hour or so till near frozen and ground it again.
    I stuffed it into 100mm fibrous casings to form short chubs that would fit in my largest stock pot. Filled the pot with enough water to cover the chubs and warmed it up to 175°. I then sealed the chubs in a vac bag since fibrous casings aren't waterproof and I didn't want water in the sausage casing, at least not till after the exterior of the sausage set. then poached them till they got to 152° interior temp. Well that was the plan, but I Fell asleep sometime into the cook and found them at 165°. not the first time for me, but they didn't seem to mind. Gave them a cold shower and and stuck them in the frig till the next day.

    Holy crap that was long winded. That's it except for a few pic's.

    After their bath. Baggy casing is from shrinkage and once I poke the probe into them water gets in.


    A sliced view. This batch had a lot of air pockets,, Not really sure why. Anybody?

    And last night dinner, fried bolonga.....

    Thanks for checking out my Bologna!


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  2. bearcarver

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    Sure, you just had to fry it & finish me off, didn't you, Dan ?!?!

    I have always loved Fried Bologna, and yours looks Great !!!!!

  3. meateater

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  4. couger78

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    Holy boloney is right Dan! I almost made Poli's 'Mortadella de Bologna' this weekend, but opted to do franks instead. (I got lazy!).

    That looks great! Fried is the ONLY way to go!

    Re: Air Holes in the meat— my understanding is these holes are created by moisture & fatty globules that are present in the mix (undetected), but render out when cooked leaving behind the voids (or 'air holes') in the meat mass. I noticed this when I made bockwurst a while ago & my emulsified batch presented a number of small holes after poaching.

    I'm not sure of the solution to this, but I'm anxious to hear if someone has an answer.
  5. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks like a winner!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. nepas

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    Nice Dan

    Holy boloney happy face

  7. boykjo

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  8. hardslicer

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    I love bologna....wish I had the talent to make some like that.....some day, some day  [​IMG]
  9. michael ark

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  10. smokingohiobutcher

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    WOW DAN!  Looks great!  Gonna have to try it some day!

  11. erain

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    nice job Danny. aint sure about the holes but either air bubbles in the slurry of a bit of fat melted away into the meat leaving the void??? just me guess. but nice lookin bologna, how about a chunk and do the cowgirl smoke to it... you been coming up with some good ones latley![​IMG]
  12. chef jimmyj

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    Just a best guess...but I have to go with the melted fat pocket theory. A finer or multiple fine grind and/or a run through a Food Processor to get to more of an, "Oscar Meyer" consistency should eliminate the problem.

    Looks great to me as is, it will hold the Mustard better!...JJ
  13. checkerfred

    checkerfred Smoke Blower

    man that looks so good....have you ever made it with liver?  I don't particularly care for liver so I'm curious as to how different the taste is compared to with it.
  14. roller

    roller Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Looks good and I do love it fried...
  15. smokinal

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    Looks great Dan!

    Fried bologna is a favorite around here!
  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    The little holes are there for the mustard to hide in, much like Thomas's English Muffins (Nooks & Crannies for the butter).  [​IMG]

  17. sunman76

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  18. tjohnson

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    By U.S. Standards, you could claim the bologna to be "Light Bologna"

    I'm craving a fried bologna sammy right now.

  19. sqwib

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    Dan that is awesome, hopefully I'll get enough courage someday and try bologna
  20. chef willie

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    interesting.....not a fan of store bought bologna (not sure what exactly is in it) but that looks superb....good job

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