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    New to the sight I'm from the east part of Texas I do a lot of hog hunting year round just started making my own sausage recently purchased a master built electric smoker any tips or recipes would be appreciated
  2. I have been looking into this myself and I am from S.C. Now my first issue is butchering the animal as they are feral and carry many bacteria.

    Secondly I am more studying the way this animal grows in my area. They have invaded and rely on the same feeding grounds that our white tail deer do. With the introduction of mass hunting clubs leasing timber lands for deer the feral hog here has made a subtle invasion explode due to hunters dumping hundreds of lbs of corn to bait deer. Now these same geniuses cannot understand why the deer population is shrinking.

    So our feral hogs which should be starving on acorns and pine cones are fed nicely and breed like rabbits clearing our deer's nominal feeding grounds. 

    Its the fat content and how the muscles grow that to me will determine the recipe you will have to formulate. Same as I. Its not grown in a cage. Low fat and leaner muscle.
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