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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by duffer426, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. well i fired up my used braunsfel smoker today,just atrial run no meat. used a chiminey full of lump charcoal, and the temp. went up to 450. any tips on how to get temp. down to 225 or so? maybe just half a chimney full of charcoal next time? thanks
  2. flagriller

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    cut off the air supply.
  3. flash

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    Well, a chimney load, fully lite, what do you expect? In a smoke you go low and slow, you went fast lane. i only use my chimney full of coals when I am resupplying an already in process dinner. You need to use the minion method of stacking your coals, then just lighting the dead center, letting the lite coals spread to the remaining coals, to start with. Even then you may have to do as fla griller stated and cut off some air or as you said reduce your amount of charcoal used if temps climb to high.
    I am not familier with you smoker, but did you use a water or sand pan?
  4. it`s an offset smoker just a small one the firebox is only 12 inches long. does not have a water pan with it. if i close the firebox damper, do i have to worry about creasote?
  5. flash

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    You will get some build up on the interior of your smoker, whether you close dampers/vents or not. Just don't over smoke and use the proper woods. Hardwoods do not create as much creosote as pines and softwoods.
    you did state if you threw all the coals in there lite by the chimney smoker or did the minion method, which will hold the temps down. With no water pan, you might be able to add one to your grill area, but I am not real familiar with this smoker so may have to defer to others.
    try again, but pyramid the coals, only a little lighter fluid in the dead center, enough to seep down abit, then light that and let the heat spread. Some will light just a half a dozen coals with the chimney, then add those coal and pryamid the unlit coals over them.
  6. ds7662

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    Creosote should not be a real problem as long as you do not shut the chimney damper (guessing it has one). NOt familiar with the smoker you are using so not sure on the chimney part. If it does though, close the firebox dampers first, leaving the chimeny open. If it still does not come down enuff, then start closing the chimney damper. Just don't close it all the way. Do small increments at a time for both.

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