High Temp Cheese Beef Sticks

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by reinhard, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. reinhard

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    Let's see if I can post this while the grandkids are here and needing my help often LOL.  Wanted to try sticks with cheese so I made a batch with formed bacon seasoning from Curley's.  Bought enough of that seasoning for 100 pounds but I just use it as I need it for smaller batches.  I really like this bacon type seasoning for summer or sticks.  I add stuff to it but I cant help myself with anything I make.  Here is what I used:

    6 T of Curley's formed bacon seasoning

    5 pounds of 80/20 ground beef

    1 T mustard seed

    1 tsp cure #1

    1 tsp hot pepper flakes [next time I'll do 3 tsps. I like more heat]

    1 cup dry powdered milk

    2 cups cold water

    3/4 lb. high temp cheese [didn't weigh it but close]  

    I put the cheese and the powdered milk in the mix.  Sprinkled the mustard seeds on there also.  Then I put the rest of the ingredients in the water and mixed it up good and poured it over the mix.  Then mixed everything up well.  I did something I normally don't do, this time around.  Did it all in one day. The mix, the stuffing, and the smoking.  Just wanted to bring these sticks up north on my fishing trip to the North Shore on Lake Superior.  Went fishing for steelhead and Kamloops rainbow trout on their spawning run.

    It was about 35 deg. outside so after I stuffed everything in collagen casings I just put the sticks in the smoker for about 3 hours so they can set there and get dry and meld some while I went shopping.  Came back and put the smoker on at 120 deg. and put some cherry chips on there.  She started to smoke so I let it go for a couple of more hours and then gradually put the temps up over time until about 5 hours in and then set it at 190 until the internal reached 160 or so.  Then I set then on the counter to let them cool off.  Really liked the results.  Everything got gobbled up while fishing between me and 3 retired cops from Duluth including my brother.  Here are some pics:

    Dumped the cheese over the meat.

    Powderd milk and mustard seeds join the mix.

    The rest of the ingredients also join the mix, and it's ready to get mixed up well.

    Sticks are placed on the smoking rack, ready to go in the smoker.

    You can see those chunks of high temp cheese in there.

    In the smoker they go.

    Taste test of course.

    Got some good color .

    Closer look.

    Good flavor with lot's of smoke.  Next time 10 pounds.

    All that foam on the river was frozen.  Made the drifts a little hard but the surroundings and just being there was all that mattered.

    One of our bud's got a nice 5 pound rainbow.  Going to make a tasty meal for sure.

    Rainbows can't go further than this waterfall.  One of many on the North Shore.

    Thanks for looking.  Reinhard
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Nice sticks for sure, gonna be some tasty snacks ! Thumbs Up
  3. timberjet

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    Very nice. Great color to those sticks and nice Bow there.
  4. crazymoon

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    RH, Nice looking stix ![​IMG]
  5. b-one

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    Awesome looking sticks! Great outdoor pics as well,must be great in the summer!
  6. c farmer

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    Looks great.

    Might give it a shot
  7. dukeburger

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    Wow! Love this... [​IMG]
  8. chewmeister

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    Nice looking sticks. [​IMG]
  9. reinhard

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    Thanks everyone!! Boy's up north are asking me to make some with some of their venison this fall.  Going to try making some with chicken next just for a tryout.  I've been buying some chicken breast trimmings off and on and saving them up.  The guy's trim the breast of excess meat and fat for the service case here and sell the trim as chicken fat.  I would say it's more like 70 percent meat.  Only 1.25 per pound.  Figure I would mix that with thigh meat.  I'll use the same seasonings I used here. My daughters asked me to make some chicken sausage so sticks will be first and then some chicken brats for them as well.  Reinhard
  10. clear collagen casings? Man those look tasty!
  11. Great looking sticks.  Looks like some really good fishing water too!
  12. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    A super stick, sir!


  13. Looks very tasty. I think I need to try to make some sticks some time
  14. driedstick

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    Those looks great nice job - nice day on the river also.

  15. coombaya

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    Were you happy with the amount of cheese you used? Would you have used more or less?

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