Hickory Smoked NY Strip Roast

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    Thawed out a smallish NY strip roast I cut when I boght a 12 pound hunk of it around Christmas.

    Gave it a rub a la Bear with some worcestshire and SPOG.

    Filled the pan underneath the rack with some beef stock and red wine.

    Lit about 3/4 chimney of trader joes briquettes (first time using those).

    Once the coals were ready I dumped them in the two charcoal baskets that came with my performer, placed the pan and roast on the rack in between the two coal baskets...
    [GALLERY="media, 392940"][/GALLERY]

    Threw a couple of chunks of hickory on the coals and one chunk of cherry. Covered it up and had some sweet smelling smoke...
    [GALLERY="media, 392941"][/GALLERY]

    Pulled it off at 125 IT, let it rest for about 15 minutes. Carried over to about 133 and then I sliced it up.

    [GALLERY="media, 392943"][/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY="media, 392944"][/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY="media, 392945"][/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY="media, 392946"][/GALLERY]

    Used some of the drippings and wine/broth mix to make some blue cheese grits...
    [GALLERY="media, 392947"][/GALLERY]

    Honestly this one of the best beef roasts I have ever cooked. So juicy without being fatty. Great smoke flavor and the crispy crust was fantastic. Temps held 375-400 the entire time which was great. Liking the trader joes briquettes so far! Thanks for looking.
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  2. Man !!!  now that's a meal,  Great Job  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]

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    Nice smoke!
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    Looks great!:drool

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