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    Hi, I'm a mom of a 10 year old and was once a culinary student and professional cook. I live in eastern California and just purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker about a month ago. I thought this would be easy-peasy. Hahh, not so much. So far I've done a couple of whole chickens which I cut in half, a tri tip, and some lobster and rib eye steaks.
    The first chicken was very good but it didn't come off the bone as I expected, the second was just dry. The tri tip was dry as well. The steak and lobster were good, however, I seasoned my steaks like I would for the grill and it was too much, I could scrape it off. I also did some spencers and still quite dry.
    Is it the fat content, or lack there of in our Cali meat that is to blame or me.

    Love your comments
  2. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another sunny and hot day in East Texas and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of smoked chicken so I am not much help there.      Lots of threads here on TriTips, but its not a Roast I see much in my local stores.     I recently did some Sirloin Tips and got a bit of an education there.  (Cook them to a higher temp unless you want to shave for sandwiches)

    For the Tri Tips, what temp did you cook at?   For how long?   What was the final internal temp (if you remember)?

    Maybe til you get a good feel for your new smoker try fattier meats like a pork butt, or ribs??
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    Thanks for answering my post. It has occured to me that I need to keep a journal. The chicken I did at 225 for 4 hours, the first time. A little over 5 hours the second time. The tritip 225 for 5 hours. But it was small, not even 2 pounds.
    I was reading about the internal temp and will use my instant read today on my pork butt.
    Also I'm a little confused about how much to open the vent and whether or not to put liquid in the tray.
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    BTW the pork butt is about 5 pounds. Cook to internal temp of 205, right?
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  6.  For the chicken, everything I've read on the forums here and elsewhere, says to cook high temp.   Which for my Masterbuilt is 275.  Other folks can get higher like 350+  That will help crisp the skin if it can.   You might still want to finish under the broiler or remove the skin.   Chicken does not have the connective tissue that benefits from low and slow.    

    When I did my little sirloin tips they were about 2.5 pounds each.    I pulled the first one off at an internal temp of 145 thinking it would raise a bit with resting (it did not).    So it was very medium rare.   And tough.   :(   That was after 2.5 hours. (Around 6pm.     I planned to take the other roast to a more well done temp so had left it in.   I wrapped the tough one in foil and popped it back in the smoker with the other one.    At this point the temperature probe in the second roast read 151.   And now...the stall.   It sat at 151-153 for about another 4 hours.   By 11:00 it had finally reached 160.   Which I took off since I was going to bed.    But magically, even though the temp had only risen 15 more degrees, the roast was tender and flavorful.     So I learned my lesson.    These guys were going to have to go to a higher temp to be soft.    

    So depending on your product it might take several more hours than you might think to get to that perfect point.   

    And yes you are correct, going to 205 on the Butt is perfect.    You will love it.    Then let it rest wrapped for at least an hour and it will come apart so nicely.    

    As for your vent, almost everyone agrees on a Masterbuilt to leave it fully open all the time.    I think closed might smother the chips a bit.    And this way you are getting clean, fresh smoke the whole time.

    Let me know how the Butt works out for you!

    P.S. - A journal is a great idea, but so is posting the details here.   Then all the other new folks can learn from the things you've done.   :)   Then you can search back anytime you are looking for it too.

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