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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jamesdaclark, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

        I've been grilling my entire life and finally decided to step into the world of smoking. I just picked up a nearly new New Braunfels Black Diamond offset smoker and have been doing the normal mods that I've read about.  I'm waiting on my door gaskets and my Maveric thermometer to come in the mail, but I couldn't wait to use the smoker. I have a beef cross rib roast on now. I'm about 6 hours in to the cook and all seems well. This site has already been invaluable in getting started with smoking.
  2. Welcome.
    It's a great place for smoking and building. Good luck with the smoke. How about you shoot us some pictures of the smoking meat when you get a chance. Have fun!
  3. I just took the roast off at an IT of 140F. It's wrapped and resting now.
  4. Hey James, welcome to the site, Looks wonderful  good job

    Gary S
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys,

    I should have taken it off sooner. It came out too well done for my taste and also too smokey tasting. It wasn't bitter, just extra smoke flavored. I used lump mesquite coal with chunks of cherry. The roast was medium by the time it was done resting.

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