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  1. I'm bigk I live in England I love barbecuing and now looking to move on to smoking been watching some jb on YouTube and can't wait to get going I've been looking at a weber smokey mountain but now not sure should I get this or a off set
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    Hi BigK -  The WSM is a good all-round smoker and you will find that you will be able to cook most things you want on it. It can also make a very reasonable cold smoker too. For longer term flexibility, if you can stretch to the 57cm then I would recommend that as you may find the 47cm a little restrictive moving forward. Another option that you may want to consider if price is an issue is the ProQ Excel. Both are good for smoking and are regularly used on the competition circuit however the WSM has the better build quality.

    Yes, the offset smokers are the ones that usually spring to mind when American BBQ is mentioned, however unless you are prepared to go to a fairly high-end model you will be much better off starting with a bullet or kettle smoker. When smoking one of the most important factors is temperature control and with either the WSM and ProQ (and even in a simple Weber Kettle) you will quickly be able to master this. With an offset smoker maintaining an even cooking temperature throughout the cooking chamber can be considerably harder, especially with most of the models that you commonly see here in the UK.

    At the UK BBQ competitions the offset smokers are rarely used. By far the most common types are the WSM/ProQ, Weber Kettles or the larger commercial pellet smokers.

    I hope this helps.
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