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  1. Hey everyone, Scott here from the Richmond, VA area.   Nice looking forum (and pics, gotta love the Q View pics).

    My family is originally from the mid-west farm land area (central IL), and I grew up on bbq pits, smokers, grills, anything that involved fire, outdoors, and fresh from the farm food.  Have been limited to the grill and a smaller Master Forge vertical propane smoker for a while now (mostly due to time constraints), but dad's next door neighbor just sparked up that flame for both of us when his 108" Lang showed up while I was over there a few weekends ago.  

    As an attempt to keep my gear acquisition syndrome in check (music, bikes, cars, etc...  it's a serious disease) the wife went out and researched / bought a Brinkmann TMLE last weekend for my birthday.  From what I can tell, it's a nice unit for the price and should keep me under control for quite awhile.  Will start the assemble process and figuring out which mods I'll want/need tomorrow afternoon (a few 'materials' may have already been purchased for mods already, but she doesn't need to know that just yet :).

    Anyhow - A big "Hey There" to everyone on forum, looking forward to getting addicted.
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    Hey Scott, welcome to the forum! Looking forward to some QViews of your own on your new toy! Cheers!
  3. Hey Scott, hello and welcome from East Texas, congrats on the new smoker

    Gary S

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