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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mdsmith, May 21, 2008.

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    Hi !! I'm new to the forum and smoking. I've always been an avid griller, but the thought of smoking a piece of meat for 12 hours always seemed a little intimidating. I mean, what if I spend all this time and money and it dosen't turn out ? So anyways, I just bought my first house, and my first major purchase was a brand new grill, one with the fancy grate that you crank up and down. Well, I'm walking through Sam's Club the other day, and I saw this pork pork shoulder that just looked awesome and I figured, what the heck, I maya as well give it a shot. So here I am with a new grill, a huge pork shoulder, and no clue what I'm doing !!!![​IMG] . I posted a question under the pork section, and I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF. You'll have plenty of feedback soon. Good luck on that smoke!
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    welcome to the club..
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    Welcome to the smf.................Great to have you here................
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    Hey man, I gots me one of those neat crank up and down grills too and have smoked on it before I built a smoker out of a trash can and then graduated up to a more worthy smokin' rocket. If you have two separate coal pan cranks, move one all the way down and keep the coals on the far side opposite the meat. On the meat side, crank it all the way to the highest and as far away from the coals as possible. Monitor your temps well - the therms on the lid of your rig is not good enough! If too hot, close the lid all the way and snuff the fire. If not high enough, prop the lid open a bit to allow more air flow. More air = more heat. Keep turning whatever you smoke cause the side closer to the heat source will cook faster. The trick is to open the lid only when you need to, not just so show guests how good your smoke is going! I have friends that have actually chained the lid closed so guests wouldn't peek at what smells so good. Good Luck!!
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    Welcome to SMF MD. Sooo you got a shoulder and no smoker. Hmmm. OK...I dont know enough about the grill you have, but... if you can heat one side of it with a chip pan... a burnt out coffe can bottom even... and keep the meat on the other side,, you might have a chance. Smoking is done with indirect smoky heat. Best I can offer at this juncture. Any more info?
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    YUMMY pork shoulder is a good one to start with, this is my annual 4th of July piece o' meat....it is very forgiving...you need a good rub...Jeff's naked rub is very good. I like to add cuban coffee to mine...

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