Here it is, the Landmann Bravo Smoker/grill combo.

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by vance hanna, May 28, 2015.

  1. vance hanna

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    After much cussing, and a lot longer than it should have taken, the Bravo is together and ready to cure tomorrow unless it rains again lol. Love the Grates on it, Cast Iron Heavy and thick, I just wish the rest of the grill was on par with the grates, but its a fairly thin steel with too many gaps, I am going to have to get gasket Material for it to get a good seal to keep in the smoke, I used all the High Temp Silicone we had here, and to be honest some of the lid gaps are simply to big to use Silicone to seal up. I am thinking i am going to use Black Nomex to seal up the gaps it has, so basically around the lid, the lid on the firebox, the lil ash removal doors in the front and side and any where else I find a Possible Smoke leak from a gap. Is Black Nomex a good Idea? I honestly think that the Black Nomex  will be cheaper than buying 5 tubes of High Temp Silicone lol Anyway Here are the Photos.

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    I wanted a new charcoal grill and this one is being delivered today. The smoker option was really a side thought as I am not convinced it will be up to the challenge. Keep posting pics and some smokes. looking forward to seeing some success for the both of us!!

    What did you finally decide to seal her up with?
  3. vance hanna

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    I am going with Nomex Self Adhesive Gaskets and High Temp Silicone in the places i cant put the gasket, such as the gap created when they spot welded the lid together instead of doing a seam weld like they should have.
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