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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by deesert smoker, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone. My wife surprised me for my birthday with a new smoker of my choice. Only thing is I don't know what to go with. I really like the master built line but keep reading about the bad damper placement on the side.
    I was looking at a 30" but after seeing the 40" the wife wants to just go big and not wish later down the road that we should have gotten the 40".
    What model would you guys recommend in a 40" and pros cons your aware of
  2. Study, study and study more. I recommend copy and paste articles, reviews etc. into say MS Word with the web address for reference.

    Also, use the search function here. There are posts regarding Master Built. Note the date though in case the design has changed since the post.

    I was interested in a smoker, looking at Humphrey (much different price range) and was interested in your smoker choice and it's fire. I found many reviews regarding temperature control. That's the number one thing to study. My smoker sucks at that.

    Get a fully digital temp control is my main suggestion. Mine is digital but an analog knob: sucks!

    The Master Built reviews talked about good insulation; that's something to note too.

    Check out Facebook as a resource. Here is one i ran across where temp control was an issue and Master Built apparently solved it.

    Thanks for the pointer to Master Built: $500 less than the smoker I liked after researching and never buying.

    Have fun.

  3. nozzleman

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    By what you suggested you are considering an electric it sounds like.  As suggested above do your do diligence in reading to make an informed decision. What are your wants and needs?

    I personally started out with a MES 30" and after several electrical problems it finally quit and I did not want to put more money in it, plus I wanted something bigger so I didn't have to cut my ribs and briskets in order to get them to fit. For me I found the Smokin-It smoker #3 fit my needs. Like the MES it has a good following on here, so help is available if needed. Although I have not needed customer assistance from them from what I have read Steve the owner of the company is responsive should a need arrive.

    Good Luck
  4. old sarge

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    While you do not say what the gift budget is (and it is none of our business) take the time to look at Smokin-it, SmokinTex and Cookshack.  They are listed in order of lowest to highest price. Also visit their appropriate sections of this forum (use the search bar) and similarly visit their sites. 

    Enjoy your quest.
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    Consider a pellet smoker or building a mini WSM ! Just my 2 cents !
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  6. Old sarge is right once again. The budget is the determining factor. Another factor is if you want to do simple modifications. Some folks like to others not so much. . Study the SI line long and hard. I personally like the Smoken-it.   I think the small is to small and the #2 is OK but if I were investing in a long term smoker(5+years) The # 3  would be on order when it is available..But with out knowing what you want to spend it is hard to advise.

    Smoker prices move around a lot. The Masterbuilts the  most the 30"gen 1 140.00 to 180.00 the 40 " gen 1 is about 350.00 the # 3 smoke-it is 500.00 plus the shipping. the Smoken TeX and Cookshack are more money. The Cookshack is a Top line smoker and the Smoken-it is it's clone. Look around and as osuba said Study Study.   Jted 
  7. Thank you all for the advice and keep it coming. I was trying to keep my budget around $400. I was looking at a 40" at SAMs club for $300 but it has the damper on the side. When I told the wife i would just get the newer Bluetooth model with it on top for that price she said might as well just get the 40" in that model then lol
    Doing a rack of ribs two along with a port shoulder would be awesome
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  8. old sarge

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    Not many reviews on the Bluetooth model yet so hard to determine reliability and longevity. 
  9. tjwheels

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    I just purchased (today) the Masterbuilt Bluetooth in the 40" size, this is my first electric smoker and replaces my propane model. It is nice quality and everything was a perfect fit when assembling. I did do the smoke in after assembly, three hours at 275 with the last thirty minutes with wood chips. It was 27 degrees out and the temp held steady. After adding the chips the smoke filled the cooking chamber and vented perfectly out the top. I'm really looking forward to tomorrows smoke. My only complaint so far is the app from Masterbuilt closes when the phone/pad shuts off. When I restart the phone/app I need to get within about 20 feet to reconnect..   
  10. daricksta

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    If you're thinking Masterbuilt and have the money, I think it's worth getting the 40" Bluetooth model--but with the 1200 watt heating element. Bass Pro has the version which comes with the meat probe, which you really don't need if you have a therm like a Maverick ET-732 or ET-733. It also comes with six racks instead of the standard four. A couple of guys have recently bought these bought haven't posted reviews yet.
  11. jaellman

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    27 degree's out?  What do you mean?  High or low?
  12. tjwheels

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    Outside temperature was 27 degrees during my 3 hour and 45 minute smoke-in period. Smoker held steady at 275 degrees throughout. 
  13. jaellman

    jaellman Fire Starter

    oh!  gotcha...  wish I had such luck.
  14. Well thanks everyone for the help. I ended up getting the mes 40" model 20070311
    From what I learned from this site its a gen 1 with 1200 watt element and top vent. I ordered it through Amazon but to help others out it will not show up if you just search for "electric smoker" but if you search by the model number it comes up
    I plan on buying a amznps as well as a maverick.
    The Bluetooth one was tempting but I couldn't bite the bullet. I can get the one indid a maverick and a amzps and still be at the Bluetooth price

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