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    We have plum tomatos that are starting to ripen up... the problem is, they are rotting from the bottom up - anyone have an idea what is going on?
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    Elly it is blossom end rot like AK1 said. It is caused by a calcium deficiency I believe. There are several good products like "Greenlight Blossom End Rot Spray" which is basically calcium chloride. You can also apply as powder. Check with your local hardware store or nursery. It's not that hard to get under control once you know how to treat it.
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    There you go, two great replies fron AK1 and Squirrel. BTW, the same thing can happen to peppers, and you can use the same method of dealing with it.
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    they are correct, it is blossem end rot, first things first. go over your plants thouroughly and remove all fruits that show any symptoms. Calcium is required in relatively large concentrations for normal cell growth. When a rapidly growing fruit is deprived of calcium, the tissues break down, leaving the characteristic lesion at the blossom end. Blossom-end rot develops when the fruit's demand for calcium exceeds the supply in the soil. This may result from low calcium levels in the soil, drought stress, excessive soil moisture, and/or fluctuations due to rain or overwatering . These conditions reduce the uptake and movement of calcium into the plant... or rapid vegetative growth due to excessive nitrogen fertilization can also factor in.
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    Thanks guys. After I posted this I did a little research and that is the conclusion I came to too. I have to say I like hearing you confirm it - It has been brutally dry here this year - it's early July and my grass is all but dead.
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  8. It can also be caused by uneven watering as well. Toss all your egg shells in the garden and till them in. Be sure the dirt never gets bone dry. The tomatoes have a hard time sucking up nutrients if the dirt get to hot and dry.

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