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  1. I'm in the middle of my 1st bb and the internal temp is not high enough re danger zone. I have a 10 ib butt and took it out an hour before cooking. No injection just wash and rub. Temp of perfect flame prop smoker 220 to 225 ibternal temp after 31/2 hours 115.i did put thermometer in at beginning. Cranked heat up now but a little nervous. Any suggestions

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    If you have not injected the meats...just let it cook on till it gets to the foiling temp...or let it roll until the 195-200* mark. Are you sure your therms are calibrated? You could crank the temp on the smoker/cooker up some too. I do mine between 250-275* now a days.

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    that doesn't sound right...i would test your thermometer real quick in the oven and make sure its reading right. do you have a secondary thermo? Also are you sure your smoker was at 220-225? The Thermo on the smoker may be off as well....i'll be on here checking back for ya
  4. New maverick et 732 did not check callibration. Have cranked smoker to 300
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    Be careful at 300 and make sure you keep an eye on it. 200-225 is the low end for a bb.

    I usually cook them at 250 and am going about 1.5hrs per pound.

    Foiling at 160-165 is also going to help you speed it up a bit.

    Butts are going to be one of the cooks you are going to have.
  6. definiutely check that thermo. and as stated before..crank that heat up. lol.
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    yea you might want to bump it down to 285....i would check the thermo because you might be worry about nothing...but a new Mav shouldn't mess up. 

    the butt wasn't frozen when you put it on was it? make sure the prob wasn't hitting the bone also...check a few internal points. Even at 225 you should have been atleast at 140 after 3.5-4 hours
  8. Just checked both probes....boil method. .....perfect no calibration issue. The butt was not frozen ever. At 4 hrs I'm at 115. Smoker temp 300

    thanks for any help
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    well since you didn't inject you have a little more lee-way past i'd say check it in 45 mins....dont lift the top off before. it its not well above 145  you might need to mark it up as a lose unfortunately :/
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  10. Thanks. I did move the thermometer to a different spot and picked up a few degrees. Currently at 125 meat temp and smoker cranked to 295
  11. Can I try to save it by moving it to my oven to get above 140 and then return to smoker
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    i think having at 295 is find in the smoker..yo'ull just lose some heat transferring. sound slike your climbing up now
  13. Thank you all for all of your help and suggestions. I am also really thankful for your quick responses. I will post a follow up with photos.

    Thanks again
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    how'd it come out? 

  15. Thanks to everyone for all the support. The meat turned out amazing. Very moist and fork tender. Due to the earlier temperature issues, I decided to take the internal temp to 220. The bark , however, had a little too much char, but still tasty.

    I might have trimmed a little fat off next time, I don't know if thats what slowed the temp. I also had a wicked stall between 163 and 175.

    Anyway I learnef 3 major lessons:

    1. 2 5lb butts may have been easier than 1 10lb one

    2. Don't insert thermometer until further into cooking

    3. This forum has my back. Many people talked me through and around many basic issues


  16. glad it all worked out! :) very rarely are you ever gunna have to trim fat off it. its usually good to go outta the bag. its all the same whether its 1 or 2 stalls have usually almost always been at around 165, and from there on its up to the meat to decide when it wants to come out of patient...practice practice practice!....butts are good for practicing on. and yes i wouldnt worry about thermo insertion til at least 5 hrs in...i usually place mine at the 6hr mark. and yes..we do have your back, its what were here for. it only gets better. and if not, were still here for ya to make sure it does.
  17. dougmays

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    Looks good! Glad it turned out.

    Yea you can do 2 5's in approx 10 hours where as a 10 might take upwards of 15-20
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    I have an et-732 and i notice that sometimes it doesn't match the Tel Tru on my smoker.

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