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    I have been smoking a 8 lb pork butt for 7 hours and I'm already over 180 degrees. I have kept my temps between 210-250. I planned on it taking 12 hours and it looks like its going to ready way sooner. The problem is its for christmas eve party and I still have 5 hours till guest arrive. What should I do? My thermometer must be broke on the outside of my smoker. I couln't beleive what I was seeing so I have been moving the thermometer I have in the meat to different spots and it goes in real easy like the meat is tender and the temp is still over 180. I didn't even wrap in tin foil. No plateau. Any thoughts on why it was was done so early? It was a boston butt.
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    Every piece of meat is different and may cook as such, either way when you feel like your product is tender enough to be finished wrap it in foil and put it in a cooler with some towels or other insulators to keep it warm.  Ive held butts for 6+ hours and their still too hot to pull fresh out the cooler.  Butts are always better done early than late, enjoy!
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    And I should also note, first make sure your meat thermometer is accurate with some boiling water (212) because most butts arent fully tender till 190-200.  Remember, that meat probe should go through your meat like a hot knife through butter
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    Thanks for your help. I haven't checked my themometer but have used it before with no problems. Do you think because it was 20 degrees outside that it would throw of my themometer that is built into my door of the the smoker?

  5. My door thermo was 40-50 degrees off and varies from smoke to smoke so i don't use it at all.     That may explain the problem...  

    I don't have enough experience yet on how long meats take - just from reading this forum quite a bit that getting fairly accurate smoker temps is a key component.   

    I'm sure it will be tasty - I've already read that a butt wrapped in towels in a cooler can hold temp for 8 hours.

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    You could still have a few hours of cook time left. The hotter the meat gets the slower the temp will rise. You need to get it to around 205 for pulling. I would invest in a digital temp probe to check the smoker temp. The factory gauges are not accurate.

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