help with times on smoking trout

Discussion in 'Fish' started by dracoink, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. dracoink

    dracoink Newbie

    i have a new to me and never used smoker .

    i have seasoned it as per the instructions .

    but right now i have a bunch of trout fillets on the racks . and was trying to figure out how long to smoke them for ? 

    please help
  2. Just saw this & I'm guessing I am too late. Did you brine the fish & if so did you allow a pellicle to form? I would smoke them at 100 - 120* for the first hour then bump your temp up to around 180ish till you get an IT of 145*  I usually use alder for my fish...

    If you already smoked them how did they turn out & did you take pics?

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