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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rubmymeatgood, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. rubmymeatgood

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    hey guys! i have a 19lbs prime rib to cook for christmas. i have never smoked one so kinda need some input on like, how long should i smoke it, temp.
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    I would also recommend you send a /pm to Bearcarver after reading his post. You will most definitely need a meat thermometer! That is not something you'd want to chance a screw up with AND for Christmas......Only way I can imagine to add a bit more pressure is to have the in-laws coming. LOL

    Bear is a great guy, just make sure you have read and studied his post on smoked ribeyes before you ask questions.
  4. seenred

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    Welcome to the forums!  Glad you've joined our family.  Good advice to check out Bear's threads on smoking prime rib...his posts are step by step tutorials.  One of my first suggestions would be to cut that beast in half...19 lbs. is huge!  

  5. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



  6. I think I would cut it in half rub it Up with your favorite seasons Sprinkle some rosemary. Lately marinade in some werchester and cut up some raw horseradish and if possible put on a rotisserie. And cook at 225. And smoke with some oak Jack Daniels chips Until the meat is cooked a hundred and forty five degrees all the way through

  7. superdave

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    A bunch of folks here just had a heart attack.  LOL!  Pulling at that temp will result in medium to medium well end product, which is okay if that's what you want.  130's is medium rare.

    BTW, rubmymeatgood, did you win the lottery?
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  8. Wow! What was i thinkin..... you're absolutely right I'm used to cooking for my mother. She's 80 and she likes things a little more cooked ! But the rub and the seasoning sounded rather good didn't it
  9. why Did you ask if I won the lottery yet
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    Hey Rub- like Foam said, get a good meat thermometer. Around here we mostly cook to temp rather time. Smoke it at 225-250°; with a 19 pounder, you're probably looking at a 6-8 hour smoke. Take it to within 5-10 degrees of your desired doneness-remove it from the smoker and tent with foil. The carry-over cooking will take it to your desired finished temp.

    @Mn-he's asking Rub if he won the lottery cuz a 19 lb rib roast is going to cost some major bucks.
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  11. superdave

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    Rub, I was yanking your chain for being able to afford a 19 lbs rib roast.  I had butt pucker when I saw the prices on the small ones.
  12. You think that's bad I called the only "Butcher Shop" in town to ask if and how much a whole 30# TO 40# Pig would be He said he had another customer that was also wanting one, said it would run around $250.00   I told him I didn't want a 300# pig just a 30# he said "Well that's what they are running. I  will be looking at Sam's or Super One for pork shoulders on sale. Won't pay $8 or $9 bucks a pound. I have Got to find me a hog hunter or trapper around here, have to be cheaper.

  13. superdave

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    Momentary hijack, Gary, go to the next County Fair and buy one of the 4H auction pigs.  Usually a couple $$/pound on the hoof.
  14. Roger That      Might have to Drive over to the butcher shop, never seen a $250.00 30# pig

  15. foamheart

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    You can always call your county extension agent (Remember Mr. Kimble on Green Acres?). He should know who raises pigs. Then tell the butcher you'll share where he can get one for free butcher/prep of yours. Course not too many real butchers left around. But That's who I would call.

    Heck since I saw a film where folks burn off the whiskers instead of scrapin 'em now, you could probably butcher your own and have that added pleasure to remember. Besides you could get it exactly how ya want it.
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  17. bearcarver

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  18. rubmymeatgood

    rubmymeatgood Newbie

    thanks guys! got the prime rib from Tom Thubm for $5.99 a LBS big sale. and yes i dont want to mess this up.
  19. Prime Rib for $5.99 a pound cheaper than the $250 dollar pig I was looking at. Actually I would probably rather have prime rib anyway.  Going to try to talk to a couple hog hunters this week and see what turns up. If not may try Foamheart's advice. Just can't get over  $250 for a 30 # pig.   Maybe I should start raising baby pigs.

  20. superdave

    superdave Smoking Fanatic

    99% chance you won't like the flavor of a wild pig and you'll still have to have a butcher clean it up.  I'd go for farm raised.

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