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  1. So I ended up getting a brinkman smoke n grill and made all the mods before I even cured it with some hickory , veg oil on the inside and coals here are the mods

    - Legs to the out side

    - two Thermometers one at lid one at grate level.

    Drilled holes in to Charcoal pan and Elevated using a temp foil type pan ( I bought a bunch since they are disposable)

    - Three bricks used for elevating the smoker so the Charcoal pan is 1/4 inch past the bottom of smoker

    To light it I filled the pan with briquettes (which might of been my problem)and three pieces of hickory ,  started my chimney got it nice and hot then dumped it on  closed it up and it jumped up real fast

    AI also used Hot water since everything I read was that this thing doesn't get up to temp. ( not true)

    This thing cooks like a beast it got well over 225 and very fast.  First I did sausages cause lets face it they are super easy and I need something to help learn how to control the heat on this thing.  Did that twice..

    Next I did a loin on wed.  Cooked it for about 2.5 hours.  The thing with it is It cooked super hot for the first hour, then the heat dropped to around 275 for an hour got IT to 145  which was difficult at the tend since the temp dropped really fast but once i shaked the ash and added a small handful of coals it went back up,Foiled for an hour then consumed , One I gave to my friend to get an opinion , I thought the Sugars in the rub gave it a really thick bark.  The next day though, this thing was awesome my kids were just pulling sticks off eating them all day.   It ended up with a great smoke ( used hickory )  . and the burnt end  WOW the sugars did their magic over night throw those bad boys on top of some eggs and DANG.

    Back to my original question what else can I do . to help drop the temp

    _ Not so many coals to get started.

    _ possible two vents like the WSM has one at top and one on the bottom. 

    - Cold water vs hot

    - Should I Soak my wood

    What are other practices for a long smoke I plan on doing either a pork butt or picnic wrap which is the leg and part of the butt for the Fourth   What do others do with the bullet type to keep the temp regulated for long periods,  when is recommended to add fuel and what method. 

    Here are some picks

    I completely forgot to take end pictures as well as pics after they sat in the rub over night , (  I wont forget on the fourth baby)

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    Read up on the "minion method" for using briquettes and chunks.... air control is a BIG part of heat control....
  3. That's why I was thinking the vents like the webber, I can put one on the lid really easy nothing a drill and 10 min wont fix.

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