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Discussion in 'Chefs Corner' started by supercenterchef, May 11, 2012.

  1. I didn't know where else to post this...where better than at the chef's hangout?

    My wife and I recently opened our own business (not cooking related)...and it seems, as will happen, we are entertaining not only more often...but for more people. beloved 1960's era oven is no longer cutting it.

    It is a wall unit--I probably have room to put in a 27" and was thinking of going double convection (on a semi-related topic, I don't understand why so many double ovens have only one it really that expensive to do?)

    Any help would be appreciated, several things I've been pondering...

    Will 27" be enough?  I plan on using this for at least the next ten years and if I really need to build out to accomodate a 30", I may be persuaded...

    I figure I need the double convection so if I need the space I can essentially double my capacity and keep all else equal...?

    I wouldn't be opposed to a stand alone, but the only ones like that I've seen are commercial models, and therefore not for me...

    I know we could debate brands all day, but please share if there are some that are definite do/do not consider...

    Thanks for your help!

    PS  Don't worry, I upgraded the smoker first :D
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  3. ...are you saying I need to build out a 30", or just that you like spending my money...rofl?

    ...was hoping you'd find this thread... :D

    ever try the steaks?
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Go BIG or Go Home!  If I was going to spend your money I would negotiate the donation of a Sausage Stuffer to a Poor needy Chef in PA!  [​IMG]

    Kind of like Smokers, just as you drop some serious change on a Lang 36 you realize you should have gotten the 60!. You are experiencing growth and may find the extra volume worth the investment in labor and expense.

    I swear I am going to try that method. Just seems like when the Strip loins are on sale I'm broke and vice versa. I want to do it right and Dry Age one up. Either Dry bag or I found a video on a technique where the company has great success with Himalayan Rock Salt in a small dedicated, unmodified, Refer...JJ
  5. lol...I just bought my FIL one of those...still waiting on the promised sausage...

    I was afraid you'd say that...heard anything about the electrolux brand?

    ...and do they make a stand alone prosumer double oven...that sure would save some money on building an enclosure...

    PS...about the steaks, if you dry age well enough all my seasoning is just a distraction ;)

    ...and I use a dedicated (mostly) unmodified refer for my aging...

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