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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jamieparisi, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. jamieparisi

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    I am new to smoking and need a couple of quick questions. I have a MES 30", excellent. I have used it a couple of times not sure exactly what im doing.

    Do you preheat the smoker? Do you add more woodchips during the entire cooktime. I am concerned about oversmoking. it tastes aweful.


  2. sumosmoke

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    Welcome to SMF, Jamie! You came to the right place to have your questions answered.

    The smoker needs to be pre-heated so you have your internal temps correct before throwing the meat in. Without the pre-heat, you may have meat in there at too high of a temp.

    Regarding adding wood chips, you want to make sure you see TBS and not white puffy clouds of smoke. You don't have to actually see "smoke" to know the meat is getting a smoke cure.

    I'd recommend signing up for the free 5-day ecourse that's offered through the site. It provides some helpful tips that will get your smoke gig off to a great start. Good luck!
  3. ronp

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    I don't usually preheat. As for the chips when I don't detect any smoke I'll add some. About every hour or 1 1/2. Just depends.
  4. I own a Brinkman Gourmet charcoal smoker. I am having trouble with heat. When and how do I add new coals to the smoker. After about 45 min my heat always gets out of the ideal range and I freak out. Can anyone help me. I am a newbie at this. My dad tried to show me ut he uses a PIT and it just seems harder using this Brinkman.
  5. That actually made alot of since to me. I will need to buy a chimney as well. I have just been adding cold coals to the smoker and I guess I need to light them and let them ash over first after my first hour or so.

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