Help opinions needed on brining and smoking a Jennie O turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by wannabesmoker, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Okay well first of all I am glad I went down and checked. I thought there was an 8% solution but now they say 9.5% solution. So thinking they upped it a bit. Yes this is a frozen turkey that I will thaw. Yes I wish I had a fresh one but that isn't the case and I want to smoke this year and I have been brining and smoking other meats and have been very happy. So help is needed. I don't want a salty bird. I plan on using molasses and honey and some thyme and well kosher salt? oh peppercorns also . Can this be done? on a turkey that already has solution?? I am reading yes and then I am reading no .There is nothing open in this town and will have approx. 12 people here . Thanks in advance. I really do appreciate any help. I really was excited about this but now I am scared . This is a 11.60 pound bird. I will be more than happy to answer anything I left out. Thanks again
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    YES You can Brine it. Brining an "Enhanced" bird gives you the opportunity to add Your flavor profile and not just the salt and turkey broth flavor, most common solution used. The overall salt will be based on what you choose. Salt always goes to the highest concentration, then the salinity of the bird and the brine become equal. I use 1/2 Cup Morton Kosher Salt per 1-1.5 Gallon of water. I have used this proportion for 26 years and never had a salty bird. My family members, Wife, 2 Pro Chef Daughters and a cranky teenage Daughter, are not big salt eater's and would let me know if I used too much...JJ
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    Yes ,JJ has you covered ; however if you want a primary flavor ,place some Rub with OO or Butter under the skin of the breast . Be sure to go to temp. (165*F) in Breast .

    Have a Happy T-day and . . .
  4. wannabesmoker

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    Oh yes I should have added I planned on putting a rub on it but not over doing it since there would be a bit of salt in that also. Thanks for the answer as I was really sad that I may not be able to brine.
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    The brine strength does not make it overly salty. I usually make and use a salt free rub on brined meat. But as long as your rub is not too salty, like Tony C's Creole Seasoning, you will be fine. If you need a recipe send a PM, I can even help you develop one with your favorite flavor profile...JJ

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