Help me with a corned beef brine recipe

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by mfreel, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Most importantly, how much TQ should I use for a trimmed, 12 pound whole brisket?  Any other advice would be appreciated.
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    Weigh the brisket and read and use the directions on the package....    It will be salty, using TQ.....    To overcome the salt, soak in ice water to soak it out, or get some cure #1 to do your curing....  

    TQ is designed for long term curing... generally a month or longer....  Cure #1 is designed for quick curing... generally 2 weeks or less....  It has less salt  and salt needs to be added to your product....   I use Cure #1 at 1 tsp per 5#'s of meat (or 5.6 grams per 5 pounds) and adjust the salt to 1.5 - 2% so soaking is not necessary...  For an accurate addition of spices, cure etc.... a grams scale is very handy... usually less than $15 and your recipes are repeatable...   


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