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  1. I am smoking a 4.5 lb boneless butt and internal temp has been sitting at 34 degrees for an hour now. Grill temp has been approximately 230. Should I increase temp, or wait it out? I defrosted this thing for 48 hrs in fridge , but middle is clearly still pretty cold.
  2. That's a pretty cold butt, but I'd expect nothing less in Canada! :icon_twisted:

    Joke! Just a joke!

    It's a smaller butt so I expect it will get there soon. I'd wait it out. If you increase temp you might thaw a little faster, but also cook the outer, thawed out parts faster.
  3. Thanks. It's my first and as much as I've read, i still feel like I don't have a clue.

    I'll go back into my igloo and wait it out ;)
  4. adamh

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    I would think increasing the temp would dry it out. A hour isn't very long into the smoke. I figure be patient and it'll get there. If you're not using a constant read thermo I wouldn't temp it until after 3 hours or so.
  5. I'm using a constant read. I just stare at it :)

    I'm having a hard time maintaining consistent temp. I keep adjusting air flow. I'm using a Chargriller kamado.

    Also, I put the wood chunks to the side of the coals and did not pre-soak based on comments here. I'm not getting much actual smoke.

  6. markyque

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    Stay the course, pork butt is very forgiving.

    I smoke on an MES30 but I would put some wood in the coals.

    While you're waiting look up a pulled pork finishing sauce and have a beer, eh.
  7. I'm thinking soflaquer 's finishing sauce.

    Beer already in hand :)
  8. markyque

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    That sauce is a winner...expecting pics!
  9. chef jimmyj

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    Wait it out, your meat is acting normally. Now if at the 3-4 hour mark you are not getting close to 140°F (60°C) your therm is not working or the meat was still partially frozen from the start. Just for comparison, look at this Finishing Sauce...JJ

    Tangy Pulled Pork Finishing Sauce

    This is more of an Eastern North Carolina style Finishing Sauce...

    2 C Apple Cider Vinegar

    2T Worcestershire Sauce or more to taste

    1/4C Brown Sugar

    1T Smoked Paprika

    2 tsp Granulated Garlic

    2 tsp Granulated Onion

    2 tsp Fine Grind Black Pepper

    1 tsp Celery Salt

    1 tsp Cayenne Pepper or Chipotle powder. Add more if you like Heat.

    1/2 tsp Grnd Allspice

    Combine all and whisk well. This is a thin sauce, bring just to a simmer and remove from heat. Adjust sweetness by adding Brn Sugar or additional Vinegar as desired...Makes about 2 Cups.

    For a Lexington Style Dip  add, 1/2C Ketchup and 1-3tsp Red Pepper Flakes...JJ
  10. That looks delish. Think I'll try it. My meat is now at 100 at the 2.5 hr mark, so crisis averted.
    I made 3 bbq sauces; KC, Carolina & a crazy cherry bourbon one that I just kept playing with.
    Can't wait til later. Will post pics.
  11. chef jimmyj

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    I like a flavor Contrast with Pulled Pork. If I use a Tangy Finishing Sauce, I will top with a Sweet KC style BBQ Sauce. If you would like a change of pace in the future or plan on trying your hand at Ribs. My Foiling Juice / Sweet Finishing Sauce is popular around here. Try it some time...JJ

    Foiling Juice / Sweet Pulled Pork Finishing Sauce

    Foiling Juice

    For each Rack of Ribs Combine:

    1T Pork Rub, yours

    1/2 Stick Butter

    1/2C Cane Syrup... Dark Corn Syrup, Maple Syrup or Honey.

    1/4C Apple Cider...or Juice

    1T Molasses


    2T Vinegar, 2T Mustard and 1/4C Ketchup to make it more of a KC Style Glaze.

    Simmer until a syrupy consistency.

    Allow to cool for 5 minutes, pour over foiled Ribs and

    run your 2 hour phase of 3-2-1. For the last phase return

    the ribs to the smoker BUT reserve any Juice remaining

    in the Foil. Simmer the Juice over med/low heat to reduce to a saucy thickness. Glaze the Ribs for presentation or service.

    For a Sweet Finishing Sauce for Pulled Pork:  Make a Double batch, Butter optional.

    Add 1/2 the batch to the Foil Pack or place it in a Pan with your Butt, when the IT hits 165*F.

    Cover the pan with foil and continue to heat to 205*F for pulling.

    At 205* rest or hold the Butt in a cooler wrapped in towels until ready to serve.

    Pull the Pork and place it back in the pan with the pan Juices and any additional reserved Foiling Juice to moisten and Serve...OR... Bag and refrigerate until needed.

    When re-heating place the Pulled Pork in a Pan or Crock pot and add reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider, as needed to make up the Juice that was absorbed while  the pork was refrigerated. Cover and re-heat in a pre-heated 325-350*F oven or on High in the crock pot to 165*F and Serve.

    Note: the addition of the reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider should make the PP moist but not Swimming.

    I was AMAZED...No additional sauce needed. ENJOY...JJ
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  12. Internal temp has been at 145 for almost an hour while external is a pretty steady 223. I guess this is the stall. I'm being patient and having another beer while I wait it out.
  13. Are you foiling? You probably could at this point to help you push through.
  14. I was going to wait til 165. I'll give it another 15-20 min and hope it moves up.

    I find this whole process a bit frustrating and weirdly exciting. Such suspense cooking a piece of meat!
  15. Hello and welcome, just be patient don't try to rush it and it will turn out fine, I've had a 8.5 lb shoulder since 7:30 this morning, probably be  at least another hour and a half    Just remember "Perfection Takes Time"

    Gary S
  16. Approximately 3 hours at 145. Should I just wrap and put in oven?

    I've got my temp set at 250 and have triple checked both probes against thermometers.

    I did have to add more fuel an hour ago and lost some for a bit, but still, this is ridiculous.

    Oh, it just jumped to 149. Guess I'll keep waiting. Good thing there's lots of cocktails & appies....
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  17. Welcome to the group. Wrapping will help get past the stall. If you plan to pull it you need @200. I've done then to 185 and it sliced very nicely. Good luck either way it will be worth the wait.
  18. pineywoods

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    If your waiting on it to eat or feed people I'd go ahead and foil it then back into the smoker or the oven your choice. If it's not dinner then have another cocktail and let it ride it out
  19. It is dinner, but cocktails are flowing and guests are old friends, so no hurry.

    I just foiled at 163 and back in it goes.

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