Help, dual tank setup question.

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by rob989_69, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Ok, I have procured a 60 gallon compressor tank for the main cook chamber, and have now procured a 20 gallon for the firebox. Question is. I'd really like to mount them end to end. But my concern is I'll loose too much heat and the cook chamber won't get hot enough.

    The cook chamber currently is 48" x 20" and the firebox is 15" x 30".

    Anyone think it'll be a problem?

  2. You should be fine with that. When you join them pay attention to the line where radius end meets the side wall of each tank. Join them so that line on your cook chamber is directly above that line on your firebox.
  3. rob989_69

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    Not sure I understand what you mean. Are you talking about the rounded ends of the compressor? Where they meet the main cylindar? Or are you talking about the main body and the seam that runs the length?
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  5. Where the rounded end meets the body. Look at the link Dave sent and imagine the shape of your 20 gl tank in place of the square firebox. You would be able to draw on continuous line from the top of the 60 gl down to the bottom of the 20 gl along those seams.
  6. Like this.[​IMG]
  7. rob989_69

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    Awesome, that is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Bubbonehead. BTW, I checked out your build a while back, awesome metal work. Ever think of visiting Rochester ??? LOL!

    Dave, thanks for that article, amazing wealth of information in there.

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