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  1. Hey guys need a lil advice....getting my 1st offset and have been lookin in the sub$200 range...understand I will have to modify but I can only afford so much....anyhow....if I buy new I think I have narrowed it down to the chargriller pro....however as I was checking out good ol Craigslist...I stumbled upon a brinkmann snp....I have seen these at home depot and seem pretty comparable to the cg pro....the snp is on Craigslist for $100....anyone have the snp....thots? Anything would b helpful.....and by the way this site is awesome....
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    [​IMG] ¬†Hello, glad you enjoy the forum! I have an SnP and I think either that or the CGP will be about the same. Both are built about the same with similar guage metal, and yes modifications will be necessary. I would advise to go the cheaper route, because the first one will be the one to learn on(think first car) and you need some room for error. I bought mine new, and with mods ended up over $200 anyway when I could have spent a little more on a nicer rig out of the box. Either one will be constantly hungry and somewhat inefficient, but will teach you a lot about temperature control and the fuel you are using. Either way I recommend the $100 SnP, try to get it for $80 and mod it for a decent smoker around $150. You can use the search bar to find modifications, and send me a PM for the ones I did. Any other questions feel free to ask!

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