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Discussion in 'Pork' started by golfpro2301, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I have an opportunity to cater the local high school football games this year. I will be doing pulled sammys and maybe chicken. Anyone know of a good place to buy bulk pork butts in the north florida area. I looked around and costco offers bone in at $1.20lb if buying in bulk I believe. Anyone know what a butchers cost is for a cryovac pak of 2 butts? I will be serving around 700 sandwiches per game. I planned on 6OZ of meat per sammy which would give me a total of 262lbs of meat. at roughly 6.5lbs per butt I am looking at 40 butts. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I buy at GFS (Gordon Food Services).. Closest one to J'ville is Daytona Beach... Most 2 pack of bone in butt's weigh 16 lbs and up... don't forget in your calculations to allow for shrinkage, fat, and the bone.. I've heard all different numbers as far as calculating finished product... up to 40-50 % loss ...

    Here's GFS link...
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    I think there's a Restaurant Depot in JAX, and you may want to check with them.

    More importantly, and as JD said, you haven't figured in shrinkage. To me, assuming a 40% shrinkage, you're going to need around 450 lbs.
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    I bought a case of butts (8) here in wisconsin for an employee appreciation at my work and had 5 full foil pans for it and had 2 pans left over for them to heat up the next day. I'd have to look back at my post from then for the total amount I started at but I don't think your going to need quite as much as you think. Planning to have extra meat hanging off the bun? What type of buns will you use? (I had about 75 people eating) what attendance and other foods will be served?

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