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Discussion in 'Wisconsin Members' started by smokingwaterboy, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Hasn't been much going on in this group. Here is a little bit about me.

    Live in Warrens. I have been smoking for a few years now. Started by building a smoker out of a garbage can. Now I have a MES30 and a Traeger Texas Elite. I try to smoke something every weekend. Doing a pork butt this weekend. 
  2. Waterboy,

    How's it going. I live on the opposite side of the state in the Appleton area.

    I myself have a uds and weber kettle. I know I am the minority in this but I really don't love the uds. Most of the time I use the weber. A little harder to control temp but makes pretty good q.

    Seriously considering a humphreys smoker but would love to see one in action first. If anyone happens along in the area and has a humphreys they want to show me that would be great.
  3. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    ...and I'm straight south of Doohop in Waukesha.  I run a 22" WSM.  
  4. I am VERY new to the hobby.  I am from Saukville (Port Washington) and will be upgrading this weekend from a 22" el-chepo grill to a Brinkmann Trailmaster.

    Any tips on winter smoking would be appreciated!
  5. Hello Doohop65. I was in Appleton in May for the Masters in May BBQ Competition. If you didn't go I suggest you try and make it next year. They had 50 different teams and A LOT of good BBQ.

    Hello Bigbear77. To tell you the truth I do all my winter smoking with the smoker in my garage. I keep the doors open about 6 inches and the side door open all the way. Basically it keeps the wind off it.

    Hello Drewed. Nice to meet you. 
  6. Smokingwaterboy,

    I have not been to that event but will definitely be looking for it next spring. I am told you can learn a lot at those events.

    Being from warrens you must be a cranberry guy. My wife made me go to that festival over there. I am involved in Ag so I liked the tour but could do without all the craft booths.

    Hope you don't get dragged there every year.
  7. Doohop,

     You do learn a lot from the people at the events. Everyone is really friendly and willing to teach you if you stick around and watch. Its interesting seeing the teams that are just two guys drinking beer and having a goodtime and the teams of 15 people all taking it way too serious. And all the different set ups.

    To tell you the truth I can't stand cranberrys. I don't understand why they have to put them in everything. I get dragged to it every year. We live right in town-_-

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