Hello there from Louisiana! We love to Grill out and sure like Smoking some meat ya'll! It's good to

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  1. I am originally from Memphis,TN. I moved to Louisiana over 8 years ago. My favorite food is steak medium rare but I find myself Smoking more often now in my Master Built Electric Smoker. I am an entrepreneur. I am currently working on (and modifying) an All Purpose Creole Seasoning from 40 + years ago that was passed down to my wife (Who was born and raised in Louisiana) and we are in the process of creating a Cajun pork rub as well. I have been grilling (I prefer charcoal) for over 20 years and only in the beginning did I not like what I've grilled. It's been so long ago, but I think it was Chicken that I did not like. It was burnt and dry as the desert sand. Haha! Since then, I really haven't tried grilling chicken much, I'm more a beef and pork man myself. Steak will always be king in my book but pork runs a close second. I am fairly new to smoking meats in an electric smoker. Lately, every piece of pork I smoke comes out perfectly seasoned and moist all the way through but, I do remember quite well my first "smoke" that came out absolutely horrible... Yep it was Chicken!
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  3. Welcome from North Louisiana!

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