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  1. Hello Guy's I'm Adrian from Philippines I'm a noob when it comes to Smoking. My Story is like this, before 2 of my friends and I started a small bbq grill here in p.i selling pork meat by slicing it into small pieces like 1 1/2" and stick it to a bbq stick and some pork and chicken intestine and lastly the blood of a chicken lol by direct cooking using coal. Well the business is smooth every day. The 3 of us woke up by 5:00 a.m to start everything and finish it by 3:00 p.m and start selling it, around 6-7 p.m we are done everything are sold out. But lastly there is an incident came up the business funds are gone " Bankrupt " because one of my friend got a bad habit which is gambling ( Cock Fighting ) so everything is screwed so I decided to shut it down let it go and move on. That was last 2 years ago. Now I decided to open up my own but in a higher level that's why I'm here in SMF, the "Chef" movie has a great impact on me especially chef Roy Choi vision by making a real food in a low price so everybody can afford it and eat it. I tried to make some Cubanos and Fritas well my friends and family relatives told me it is great the taste of the sandwich and burgers are so totally different from McDonald's and BK of course it is a cuban food. But I told then that is not a perfect cubano because I didn't used Swiss cheese, cuban bread and deli pickles because it is no way i can find here in my town. Then here comes Aaron Franklin BBQ, after watching again the "Chef" movie I saw the Franklin BBQ I google it then walaah I read some articles about A.Franklin until I saw in the Amazon.com that he got a Book I read all the reviews and decided to buy it. Until now I'm reading it I can't believe Aaron Franklin's Book is all out even in the youtube he is not hiding anything.

    Now here are my problems:

    1. Smoker ( There are no smokers for sale here in p.i) I want to buy in the U.S but there is no international shipping.

    Well there is a Char-Broil here but it is S#!T my mouse pad is thicker than the metal of char-broil here in p.i lol... 

    I need a smoker that can smoke 3kg - 6kg of Pork and Beef Meat

    What can you suggest guys building my own since I'm a welder all i need are the equipment's.

    2. Wood   ( I think I need to experiment the all types of wood here in p.i)
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    Adrian, welcome to SMF!  That is QUITE a story!  I can tell you are not one who gets discouraged.  Keep asking questions and the answers will find you. 

    6kg of pork or chicken is just over 13 lbs.  You can easily smoke that on an Ugly Drum Smoker.  You can build one quite easily using 55 gallon drums.  Use the search bar, look in the build section, and Google it to see how it is done. 

    There are quite a few folks here from the P.I. who are knowledgeable about woods available over there.  The search feature will be your friend.

    Have fun and keep us posted on your progress.

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  4. @Noboundaries  for the advice, I saw a twin barrel drum that will be my next project or a pressure tank, since i'm not in the rush I'll buy first the char-broil smoker just to experience the adventure of smoking and do some crazy stuffs about smoking! [​IMG]

    @tropics  Thanks for the link and nice you have a filipina wife your in a good hand.
  5. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another hot day in East Texas and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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