Hello from West Deptford, NJ

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  1.     Hi all my name is Ken I reside in south Jersey and I thought I was a novice smoker, but as I see I am in fact a rookie. I started out on a gas grille, it was easier to grille after working 14-15 hours and with kids running around. As it continued I started indirect coooking then smoking in the gas grille with foil packs and boxes. That turned into charcol in the gas grille then a no-name kettle grille. Now I have a TMLE for the last two years for smoking and a Webber kettle for grilling. Ireally wish I would have found this forum before putting my TMLE together as I have made little mods to it, only thing I did was seal it when I put it together. I will be doing alot more now after reading on here about them. In one afternoon I learned more here then in years on my own. Although I must have been doing somthing right because friends neighbors and family have named my TMLE "Boody-Q", my last name is Boody. Now I can't stop them from showing up on Sat night when . LOL
  2. Hey Ken, hello and welcome from East Texas, Must be doing something right !!!!

    Gary S

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