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    I live in a small (Du Quoin) town north of Carbondale, IL and have been grilling/smoking for many years. I am not a hard core fanatic in this arena but certainly enjoy a good finished product off the grill or smoker. I mainly grill with a gas grill (4 burner Charbroil presently) and have for several years mainly because I do so year round and it is convenient. I have used the Brinkman charcoal and gas smoker for the most part and have owned many. I recently purchased a new Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker for added capacity and although have experienced some problems with it I think I have mostly resolved them and hope to use this for many years to come. I hope to visit the forums often when I come across something pertinent/informative or need help as well. Hello to all!
  2. Hello and welcome to the site, tons of all kinds of information on here. Post some pictures when you have a chance.

    Gary S

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