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  1. New to the forum.  Have tried smoking a few times in the past, used to have a very cheap charcoal vertical smoker that I got rid of a while back because it was so leaky and not effective.  I now have a Coleman Duel-Fuel BBQ.  One side is charcoal, the other is propane.  I've tried smoking on the charcoal side a few times with mixed results.  I am getting better over time.  I am new to using charcoal as of last summer so just figuring out some basics on that too.

    I have a question regarding charcoal smoking.  My biggest challenge is keeping consistent temperature in the range for longer smokes, like in the 180-250 range.  I can get very hot easily, and very cool easily, but in between has been my biggest challenge.  I did a pork roast recently that turned out pretty well and it was my best job of keeping things consistently around 250 but I still had times when things got as hot as 325.  What I've been doing is starting some briquettes in a chimney, usually around 12-16 briquettes, and getting that going for about 20-30minutes.  Dumping those into the basket, lowering the basket as low as it will go on the bbq, and then putting my meat top rack for smoking.  I use wood chips in a metal smoking "container" for my smoke and will usually load 1 on then a 2nd for a longer smoke.  When temperature starts to drop down I will usually ad 4-6 briquettes on top of the ones going to try and keep the temp constant.

    Is this the best way to try and maintain the temperature?  I read yesterday that it might be better to put a bunch of unlit briquettes next to the lit ones do it this way?  Any advice?

    The brining and rubbing parts of smoking I have down...this is just good food prep, whether smoking, baking, grilling etc.

    I also have an newer beer fridge that I no longer use and just sits in my garage that I am thinking of converting to a hot/cold smoker but the interior is entirely plastic.  Not sure I want to try and get into that.  May bite the bullet and buy an electric smoker instead.  I like the charcoal, messing around with it every so often with some beers on the weekend but a set-it and forget it electric version would be nice to have.
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    Like with anything there will be a learning curve. Since you didn't mention it, I will, search the "Minnion Method" it has more than one way to extend the charcoal for smokes. Its pretty handy but you'll have to work with it to see what best fits your cooking schedule.

    Also there are different charcoals, including lump. This is another thing to research, it will be listed in the search engine. There will be many opinions and you'll just have to try and see which you most agree with.

    You might also look and see if there is a suggested modification thread for your particular smoker. Those are always really handy and offer a great amount of incite toward cooking efficiency.

    BUT when ya get a few mins. click the above icon "My Profile", and let us know as much or as little as you'd care to share about yourself. But please make sure and add where you lay your head down to sleep at night. It sure helps when discussing topics or conversations when everyone know if your approx. location.

    Wow that's a mouthful and if you saw how bad I am at typing..... ....

    Hope it helps.
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    Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

  4. Hello and welcome from East Texas, Foamheart gave you some good advice, look through the various forums and threads, lots of information on here

    Gary S

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