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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by qingonsi, May 5, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone. My name is Vinny and I'm from the forgotten boro of Staten Island, NY. I'm fairly new to the smokin' scene (dabbling in it for about a year), but I'm looking to start doing some serious smokin' soon.

    Right now I'm using my 22.5 Weber Kettle and a 3 Burner Weber Gas Grill to do most of my BBQ/Grilling. I'm looking to build a pit of sorts using some 8x8x16 cememt blocks I have (roughly 4 dozen) so I'll be asking advice on design and additional materials to use.

    I've done a little looking around and already have the feeling that this could become a serious addiction, very quickly.
  2. wutang

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  3. smokingscooby

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    Welcome to SMF. Enjoy, Plenty of people to answer any questions you have. Look forward to your pit build. Don't forget the Qview pics, we all like to drool over our Q.[​IMG]
  4. werdwolf

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    Welcome and enjoy the forum. If memory serves me correct, Cowgirl has a post on pit building with block.
  5. irishteabear

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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
  6. cruizer

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    Welcome aboard NYC. Got to keep us posted with some Qviews. Never would have imagined a smoker in NYC. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF!!
  8. cman95

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    Welcome to SMF.
  9. ol' smokey

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    Welcome aboard Vinny. There's plenty of good info and help around here.
  10. richoso1

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    Hello Vinny, and welcome to the SMF. Good luck on the pit project.
  11. cowgirl

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    Hi Vinny, Welcome to the forum! I do have a cinderblock pit..it works great. I use mine for large cooks or roasting pigs. You might be talking about a permanent grill?
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    Welcome aboard Vinny and keep us posted on that pit build!
  13. nysmokes

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    Hey Vinnie - fellow New Yorker here (upstater). I also have dabbled, but want to get serious. Good luck with building your pit!!! Please keep us posted, I have a decent size yard, and have thought about a pit as well. But, having my Weber and Smoker already, my wife might give me a little trouble about building a pit :)

    Good luck

  14. seenred

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    Hey Vinny, glad to meet you. Welcome aboard. You'll like it here, lots of good, friendly,and helpful people.
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    Welcome aboard
  16. mcmelik

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    It's legal to have a smoker in NYC ??? Just kidding Welcome aboard and I hope you get the smoke rolling

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