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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by idahobangbang, Aug 17, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I'm new here and new to much of smoking and BBQ'ing.  We bought an 18.5" WSM in Alaska last year (where we were living) and have just recently moved to the Star, Idaho area (20 miles west of Boise).  I've had great success with chicken and ribs, but because there is only my wife and I in our household, and she doesn't eat red meat (?!!?), I haven't tried cooking anything large ...like brisket or large hams etc.

    Tried a brisket this last weekend ...the point anyway, and it was pretty fatty and unimpressive in that regard ...but the bark, spices, smoke ring, tenderness etc was great.  I'm just not into that much fat ...maybe I got an extra fatty one?  The flat is vacuum packed and in the deep freeze waiting for when I do this again... I expect it'll be less fatty ...more like I get in restaurants when I order brisket (I hope)...

    Really glad that I found this forum and am already learning a lot... I look forward to meeting everyone and reading up on all this fun stuff, and posting my own Q results too!

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    Hi Brian!

    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

  3. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a rainy day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

  4. Greeetings, 

    My Aunt lives in Star.  Just spent a week out there touring the area.  Really liked it.  Thinking of relocating from SF Bay Area in a few years when I can retire.  What are your thoughts being new to the area?  
  5. idahobangbang

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    Thoughts?  I don't want to break anyone's heart or offend anyone, but this is a pretty politically and religiously conservative region of the country ... people that aren't in that camp probably feel fairly uncomfortable here.  As for Star, we do like it quite a bit ...not all the new subdivisions that seem to sprout up like weeds (and their home owner's associations :(), but more the country/farm feel to it... if it lasts.  Sigh... lots of growth here ...too much if you ask me, but that's just me...

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    Hi Brian, have you tried salmon yet? Or what kinds of fish are in your markets?
  7. idahobangbang

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    No... haven't tried any kind of fish in the smoker yet.  I do have a Big Chief that I've used for salmon and trout... but haven't cooked any fish in the WSM.  That said ...it IS on my to-do list (my GOOD to-do list... heh heh).

  8. Thanks for the info.   We really liked that rural feel as well.  Did notice the rather conservative opinion, but that does not matter much to me.  We looked at Star, Meridian and Eagle so far.  Middleton is up there as well.  Either way, we are thinking of moving out there upon retirement to get away from the SF Bay and all it's problems.  

    Have you tried the Bodacious Pig yet?  We went there for dinner.  Nothing special in the decor or look, but the food was really good.   
  9. idahobangbang

    idahobangbang Newbie

    Haven't tried the Bodacious Pig yet ...it's been closed the few times that I've driven past there, but then again, I tend to stay out of Eagle.  I've heard that they're pretty good though and do intend to go try them out... There's a roadside BBQ place (on wheels) that operates next to a condemned building that's on your right as you enter Star from the Boise direction ...competition guys who cook a mean brisket, and between competitions sell BBQ on the side of the road... good stuff, Maynard!  One thing that I like about this area is that there seems to be a lot of BBQ to go around.

  10. bluewhisper

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    Oh just put "salmon" into the Search here and see what happens. Most seem to like it sweet but that isn't my style.
  11. idahobangbang

    idahobangbang Newbie

    Good idea!  Definitely will do... We're going to be cold-smoking and then canning some salmon soon.  Maybe I'll hold some for the WSM... :D


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