Hello from Fulton County, PA

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  1. A newbie looking to pick up some ideas and make some new friends. Born below the Mason-Dixon but sure like it here in Penn's woods.
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    Welcome man. What town are you near?
  3. Four miles off the McConnellsburg Exit of the PA Turnpike.

     Other than McConnellsburg the next closest bigger towns are Chambersburg to the east and Bedford to the west.
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    I am about 1.5 hours north of bedford, state college area.
  5. You're just up the road. This is my first night on the forum so all of this is pretty new and interesting. Evidently, you have been around this place for awhile if the "Master of the Pit" means anything. [​IMG]  
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    Let's just say I have been cooking for a bit. I post alot of cooks and talk alot. Lol. You will like it here. Good folks and great info.
  7. Welcome  [​IMG]   So are you down by Burnt Cabins, over toward Maddensville, up by Hustontown or are you sorta situated around the Knobsville area?  [​IMG]   I was born in Fulton County at the old band aid station...
  8. I cook on a Cabelas Electric/Wood/Charcoal cooker and a 275 gallon propane/charcoal pig cooker. The pig cooker is new and I'm still working out the kinks. Having a little trouble balancing the heat but I think it's just getting used to controlling the venting.

  9. You've zoned in on me. On the back side of the ridge behind Knobsville. I'm not a native so not familiar with the band aid station. Help me out here. [​IMG]
  10. The band aid station was the old Fulton County Medical Center - the hospital in McConnellsburg. It was basically just a layover point - I know people who went there with simple broken arms etc (nothing bad like a compound fracture) & they sent them to Chambersburg or Washington County  [​IMG]   The new one now at the end of Peach Orchard Rd is supposed to be up to date...
  11. Yea, it's a really nice facility they have there now. Where do you hail from now?
  12. C Farmer...I have a question. Being's you've been around here for awhile...how does one stay on top of reply to one's posts? Is there some way I can receive an alarm, or beep to one of my posts or replys?  I like to be searching around but I have been finding that when I come back to a post I see someone has replied. If I was notified some way I could reply quicker.  Help[​IMG]
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  13. I'm a really long ways from you now. I live in Huntingdon County - my address is Three Springs. It would take me a good 15 minutes to get to your place...  [​IMG]
  14. Small world. Let me know when the brisket is done, I'll be right over.
  15. It will probably be a few weeks till I do another brisket but I can let you know...
  16. Sounds good. I'm going to try the Apple Smoked Chicken on a Pie Plate this weekend if I get time. Hope to surprise the wife with a moist smoked bird.
  17. That will be some good eating man  [​IMG]    Apple is one of my favorite woods for chicken - especially if I mix in a little corn cob... Have fun with your smoke  [​IMG]
  18. Hey, that corn cob sounds interesting. I think I'll try it. As a matter of fact I'm just getting ready to make some corn cob jelly in the next week or two. Have a bunch of field corn cobs just waitin' to be cooked.
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    Set up your subscriptions and it will notify you when you log on.
  20. Thanks C Farmer. I think that'll do it.

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