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  1. My name is Abe Newton. I've charcoal grilled for several years (even had a little electric one when I lived in an apartment), and I grew up watching my dad charcoal grill. I also worked as a butcher at Albertson's while in college getting a computer science degree (little did I know that BBQing would turn out to be my real passion). I've just in the last 4 months started learning how to slow-smoke meats. I'm using a CharGriller Smokin Pro offset smoker. Anyways, I've learned a lot on this forum, and I'm having a blast. I've cooked something almost every weekend since I got the smoker back on Fathers day. I just want to make BBQ and watch football. I'm hoping to get to know some of you guys in the OKC area, so that we can have some cookouts. I'll root for Oklahoma State as well, as long as they're not playing my Sooners.
  2. desertlites

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    welcome Abe from southern AZ.glad u found us.
  3. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum Abe, from another Okie.[​IMG]
  4. pineywoods

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    Abe welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I don't know that I'll root for your team but I'll sure root for some great Qview if you post it [​IMG] Have fun and happy smoking
  5. bbqgoddess

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    Greetings Abe,
    If you can find our where cowgirl lives and have a cookout, you will be cooking with the GREATEST smoker in OK!! Your in good company!
    Happy Smokes, go Sooners!
  6. Welcome SoonerSmoker,

  7. Welcome SoonerSmoker,

    As my handle implies I am a sooner fan. I also am from the Edmond (Deer Creek) area. Congrats on the new smoker and welcome to the forum!
  8. chef_boy812

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    welcom Abe from VA, you will be a great smoker and meet more great folks that feel the same way about meat that you do. At least I don't think I met a Vegitarian on here yet.
  9. Thanks. I hope your enjoying Virginia. I was fortunate enough to get to live in Maryland / Virginia for about a year and a half. My brother lives on the north side of Baltimore now. Those are two of the most beautiful states I've ever seen. I love me some Rockfish and some crabs. I got hooked on Old Bay seasoning while I was up there. I use it in a lot of my cooking now.
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    Welcome to the SMF abe. you have joined the finest bunch of folks out in www land
  11. You're weren't BSing either. I went to Cowgirl's blog, and it just blew me away. I love that smokehouse that she built.
  12. grothe

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    Welcome to the forum SoonerSmoker!!
  13. cowgirl

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    Hey, thanks Sooner! I love my little smokehouse. :)

    Thank you too BBQ!!
  14. Welcome SMF! I am also quite new to smoking and agree it is a lot of fun. I am from the Tulsa area but visit OKC and Chelino's any chance I can get. Edmond's is the best by the way!!!

    You found the best group of folks to help lead you to greatness! [​IMG]
  15. waysideranch

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    Welcome Abe Newton. Glad you are here. Great things learned here.

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