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    First of all I live in Huntley, IL just 10 miles south of Woodstock, IL.I moved to Huntley in 1987 and built my third house here. In 1992 I built my fourth house, the house we still live in, right next door to my third house.

    I bought my Coleman Smoker probably more than 15 years ago and could never get it to hold heat so it stayed in my shed. My wife and I have a camper at Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette, IL and three weekends ago I went down there alone because Joan and my daughter Kelsey went to a wedding shower in Clinton, IL. At the camper I also have a Charbroil Smoker which I had the same luck with that I had with my Coleman.

    Well I had brought up some ribs to put on our Weber kettle grill and thought what the heck I'll give the smoker one more chance. Fired it up, had some mesquit chips and had the best ribs I've had in a long time. Trouble with the Charbroil is that it is all one unit unlike the Coleman where you can lift the upper part smoker off the base to add more charcoals if needed and had no holes in the pan for ash removal. Reversed the legs put them on the outside of the Charbroil and then took the L brackets to hold the charcoal pan off the legs and put them on the bottom of the charcoal pan so that I could lift up the whole cooker off the base and put the base on a 12 inch round by 2 1/2 inch paving stone which gave me room for the ashes to drop.  Also put 7/8 inch holes in the pan for ash drainage. My next mod was installing a Weber 4 holed  round vent in the top along with a " REAL" thermometer which showed me the actual temp instead of the warm/ideal/hot thermometer which is basically useless. I did the same mods on my Coleman and have been smoking happily ever since.

    Made baby backed ribs yesterday using Jeff's recipe and they turned out perfect. I had purchased Jeff's rub and sauce recipe and it's one of the best things that I have ever done. I have never liked sauce on my ribs but this sauce is something else. I used Jeff's rub on the ribs and then 30 minutes b4 taking them off basted them with the sauce and it was just Heavenly. Even my wife who doesn't care for smoked food said OMG! I have to use the apple or cherry wood for her, she doesn't care for the mesquit too intense for her, I like things spicy while my wife does not but Jeff's rub and sauce she both likes. First time we've agreed about something in 24 years.

    So here I am letting you folks know I'm here. Any suggestions or further modifications will be well taken. SMOKE ON!!!!!

    Craig in Huntley, IL
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    Welcome to the board, Craig! Sounds like your next mods will be a supercharger and nitrous.
  3. Welcome to the group Craig, not to far from you in Kirkland IL. and work in DeKalb IL. get into Huntley from time to time. Nice to have someone here close to same area. I started years ago with the same kind of smokers you have. Also lost interest with it. Change to a Pit Master when we camped for 11 years at Yogi in Amboy IL. and feel back in love with it. My wife and kids have always liked whatever I made and now my oldest son is doing his own Smoking. Just finished building a smoker the size I wanted and have had good luck with it. Just did a 100lb pig last week for our 25 anniversary and feed about 80 people. Look forward to seeing post from you here and who knows we may cross paths out in the area someday. Good luck and keep smoking. P.S. we all have to keep the wife's happy to keep us happy.
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      Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you are well on your way to some great smokes!

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    Just want to thank you all for the warm welcome that you have given to me.

    Thank you,

    Craig in Huntley, IL
  6. Hello Craig welcome to SMF from East Texas

    Gary S
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    Hello Gary

    Thank you for the welcome to SMF and just to let you know my brother Howard has lived in Keller, Texas for about 20 some years now. You guys like it hot down there. :)

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