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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ima noone, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. ima noone

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    Hello. New here, forum look like a nice place. I'm not new to cooking food by smoking, ( that's BBQ, cooking hambugers or steaks over coals is grilling). BBQ'ed my first whole hog over 30 years ago, I currently have to gas smokers, one wood smoker, one pit I built with stones from the foundation of an old building, and a gas grill for grilling. I,m from the part of the South where pork is is the main course for a smoker. Good to be here.
  2. msmith

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    Welcome to the forum Ima Noone glad you joined up. Sounds like you have quite a cooking back ground. look forward to your posts and we like to see pictures.
  3. tonto1117

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    Welcome to the SMF ima noone. Great bunch of folks here so jump right in!!

    Glad you found us!![​IMG]
  4. teacup13

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    welcome to SMF
  5. smokincowboy

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    welcome and enjoy
  6. short one

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    Welcome to SMF. Folks here are always interested in new ways and ideas.
  7. Welcome to SMF.

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