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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by blue smokey, Jun 8, 2014.

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    I just want to introduce myself here. I live in Omaha Nebraska. Ive been smoking for only about 3 years now with a Charbroil propane smoker with a Smoke Daddy plugged in the side. I have done both hot and cold smoking with it with some pretty fair results. But just to small.

    I found this forum while searching ideas on converting my old '50 era Cold Spot fridge into a smoker with some size to it.

    Great stuff in here. And it looks like a lot of people willing to help out in a pinch.

    Blue Smokey
  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas, glad you joined up.

    Gary S
  3. Welcome to the group from Northern Illinois. Know what you mean about more room. I just went from a smoke hollow 4-1 to a reverse offset I built from a 120 gallon tank for myself. Big plans for already now that the wife is ok with it coming home. Good luck on the build and post issues here and I'm sure someone will help you out with them. Keep smoking.

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