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  1. I've been reading Kutas' book and developing my sausage recipes. In the book, as well as several recipes online it calls for a "Heavy Smudge" for some period of time. In reading all the posts here, and in my past smokes (brisket, jerky, etc.) I have always subscribed to the TBS method. It seems to me that the "heavy smudge" is contradictory to TBS.[​IMG]

    Can anyone explain this terminology to me? Thanks!
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    They are different products. Just as smoked sausage differs from a pork butt or brisket, so does the cooking times and temps.

    Smoking sausage is for color, flavor and for a preservative affect. They are also spiced to various degrees, so the smoke and spices combine to produce that unique flavor we all go for. This type of smoking is done relatively quickly....2 to 4 hours, depending on the sausage, and at much lower temps. And you will note the Kutas book also suggests you use hickory for most of these. His descendant company (Sausagemaker) only sells hickory sawdust for smoking. (Kutas passed away several years ago).

    By comparison, butts and the like are bigger pieces of meat that would be overwhelmed by heavy smoke, and use hickory for some things, but milder woods like fruits and pecan. More flavoring and for appearance (that coveted smoke ring).
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    When many saugsge makers talk of smokeing it it cold smoking with saw dust (smudge ) not hot smokeing with solid wood in a smoker.....Temp is the factor and time....many times sausages are cooked after smoked....my two coppers.
  4. A bit more detail on what I was planning, let me know if I'm on the right track.

    Stuff and put in fridge overnight
    Dry in smoker at 100 for 1 hour
    Smoke at 130 for 4 hours with a heavy smudge
    Remove smoke and cook at 170 until internal temp reaches 160
    Shower until internal temp reaches 100
    Refrigerate overnight and package

    I'm assuming heavy smudge to be a heavy white smoke based on the previous 2 posts. Do I have to use sawdust or will chips work for me? I use hickory for sausage and I'm really after the flavor, but also would like that nice mahogany color.
  5. The saw dust is for electric smokers and maybe propane. It needs to be damp so as not to burn, it smolders.. Also make sure after the smoking is done you leave the pan in so you don't get a grease fire should your temps rise above 170*
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