Heaven VS Hell

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    A climate control engineer dies and goes to heaven. There he is met at the gates by St. Peter. St. Peter tells the man, you have earned your place in heaven, but we currently have a waiting list of 6 months, you will have to spend that time in hell, after which we will come and bring you back to heaven.

    The engineer said, well if that's the way it has to be and left for hell.

    6 months later, St. Peter goes to hell to retrieve the engineer, it is a much different place then he had remembered. It was 72 degree's with 35 percent humidity, swimming pools, palm trees and everyone was happy. St. Peter told the devil he was there for the engineer and the devil refused to release him. The devil said the engineer had been busy making hell a better place and was not finished yet. St. Peter was mad and threatened the devil. St. Peter told the devil he would have to release the engineer or they would get a lawyer and sue for his release. The devil simply smiled and said "Where do you think you are going to find one".
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    Lmao............lol....................... Good one.............


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